What's A Sleepcation? And Why Newlyweds Need To Indulge In This Trend Now!

What's A Sleepcation? And Why Newlyweds Need To Indulge In This Trend Now!

While you're quarantined in the house due to the coronavirus pandemic, I'm pretty sure you've found your new normal right about now. From endless work Zoom calls to cooking and cleaning the house yourself, there's quite a lot on your plate. Honestly, it's tough for everyone and we're all in the same boat- some of us are sailing through it while baking banana bread and others are watching the latest season of Money Heist, there is just no in-between. 

In the midst of all this stress, if you are a newlywed and are feeling like life has completely turned topsy turvy then we've got a great idea for you- a sleepcation!

What's A Sleepcation?

Well, traditionally a sleepcation is when you check in to a hotel and laze around all day long. You don't leave the room, order room service, put on the comfy bathrobes and just veg out on the couch and catch up on all the sleep you want to. But since we're in a quarantined world, we thought we'd make it an at-home sleepcation for you. If you had to cancel your honeymoon or had travel plans with bae, no worries cause you can totes do this in your house as well.

How To Have A Sleepcation?

We're here to tell you the steps to transform your room into a hotel-style suite to have the perfect sleepcation with your hubby.

Change The Sheets


First and foremost, change the sheets in the room and put on freshly ironed ones. There's really no better feeling than a well-made comfy looking bed. Fluff up the pillows and spread the comforters you're using in a cute way that make you feel cosy.

Do A Meal Prep


If you want to indulge in some sugary goodness then pancakes with a drizzle of honey and Nutella is a great option. Decorate the tray with napkins and cute cutlery so that it looks as fancy as you want. If you're planning to have a movie marathon then make some popcorn and salad to munch on during the film. 

Keep The Bathroom Ready


The best part of hotels is having a spick and span bathroom. Clean up the place, put some scented candles and have your extra AF skincare routine essentials at the ready. If you have a bathtub then throw in a bath bomb or just some shower gel to indulge yourself. But even if you don't, a steamy hot shower always does the trick. Spend time massaging some cream into your skin and really lathering up the shampoo to pamper yourself completely.

Ask Your Partner To Give You A Massage


You both can take turns to massage each other and give each other the real spa treatment. This will help you relax your body completely and really loosen those muscles. Also, at home indulgence is always the best!

Put On The Comfiest Bathrobe You Have


Comfy bathrobes are the freaking best. Put it on and really relax and snuggle up with your boo. If you don't have a bathrobe even really soft PJs or shorts will do. If you want to keep things sexy, a cute sheer babydoll will also look great.

Put On A Feel Good Movie


Feel-good movies or TV shows can take your mind off things so rewatch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Wake Up Sid for the hundredth time if you want to or find something new on Netflix. You can even put on a TV show like Queer Eye, Sex Education, The OfficeJane The Virgin etc to have a laugh with your husband. 



Duh. It's a sleepcation, just pass out on the bed or couch in your comfy jammies and have no agenda. It's anyway a long weekend from tomorrow so why the hell not!?

Happy snuggling guys!

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