‘What To Do If A Guy Points Out That My Bra Strap Is Showing?’

‘What To Do If A Guy Points Out That My Bra Strap Is Showing?’
We are girls and we love our lives - even if we complain about them sometime. Because yes, just like everyone else, we do have a few daily struggles - wearing a bra is one of them. And, God, if someone points out that our bra strap is showing, it’s just so annoying. So what should you do if the person pointing out your bra strap is a guy? Confused? Well, we found this thread on Quora where girls have come up with awesome comebacks for that very same situation!

1. ‘Good, it was expensive.’ - Hell yeah!

Jolie Black answers on Quora: My favorite comeback of all time is: ‘Good, it was expensive.’ 1 bra strap

2. ‘We have fashion trends to follow.’ - This is something a guy will never understand. *Sigh*

Arshiya Amreen answers on Quora: State 3 rules of the parallel universe of women and bra. One - Human Beings Make Mistake. Two - Women Wear Bra. Three - We have fashion trends to follow.

3. ‘Wow! Your eyes work!’ - Duh!

Lara I Lord answers on Quora: ‘Wow! Your eyes work!’ I’m only kind of kidding. Of all the possible ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ this is not even close. Heck, many women are aware of the fact their bra straps are showing, but since they don’t have a small fortune to spend on bras for every possible situation ever, they just dress and go. 3 bra strap

4. ‘Why are you looking at my bra?’ - Haha, good one.  

Danae Davis answers on Quora: ‘Why are you looking at my bra? Are you the Fashion Police?’

5. ‘So?’ - Perfect response, we’d say!

Hailey Winters answers on Quora: So if someone points out my bra is showing, I might just say ‘So?’ and continue on my day.
5   You can read the full thread here on Quora. So what are you going to do? GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr