Then Vs Now: Edward, Bella, Jacob & Other Dazzling Twilight Actors Look Very Different In 2019!

Then Vs Now: Edward, Bella, Jacob & Other Dazzling Twilight Actors Look Very Different In 2019!

It's been 10 years since the first Twilight movie hit the theatres. Between the anticipation for every new sequel and the endless, Team Edward Vs Team Jacob discussions, we loved every moment of the teenage drama. 

Their lives have taken different routes, but it warms our heart to see that the cast is still close. On February 11th, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart reunited for a dinner, along with celebrity hairstylist CJ Romero to celebrate Taylor's 27th birthday. The stylist shared a cosy picture of them on Instagram and from the looks of it, Kristen was definitely Team Jacob that night. 


Source: Instagram

If this got you wondering what the other members of this cast have been up to lately, as well, we've got the entire scoop for you.

1. Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan

Unlike the shy and sensitive Bella that Kristen portrayed in Twilight, she's bold, stylish and completely versatile in real life. Her personal life has remained in the spotlight when she dated (and broke up with) her Twilight co-star Robert, and in 2017, came out as bisexual. She gained much praise for her performance in the movie, Snow White And The Huntsman, though she soon began starring in a series of independent dramas. After her critically acclaimed movie Clouds of Sils Maria, she's now all set to star in the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot. 


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2. Robert Pattinson As Edward Cullen

After acing the role of a gorgeous vampire women fell madly in love with, Robert moved to a variety of roles in quirky films. He is mostly remembered for his iconic performances in The Rover, The Childhood of a Leader, and Good Time. He is currently rumoured to be one of the candidates for the lead role in Matt Reeves' The Batman.


Source: Twiiter

3. Taylor Lautner As Jacob Black

With his six-pack abs, Taylor was the hot werewolf in the movie. In 2010, he was ranked fourth in People's 'Most Amazing Bodies' list. He is mostly remembered for his roles in movies like Valentine's Day and Abduction and was last seen in a TV series called Screen Queens.


Source: Instagram

4. Billy Burke As Charlie Swan

The protective father of the movie continued to essay that lovable-grump persona into his post-Twilight TV roles, notably, as the lead of a sci-fi series Revolution and Zoo. He was last seen in Lights Out and Breaking In and continues to remain a popular face on the small screen.


Source: Instagram

5. Anna Kendrick As Jessica Cullen

This fun, high school personality went on to gain the most high-profile career out of the entire cast with an Oscar nomination for 2009's Up In The Air and many more blockbuster films. In her musical comedy Pitch Perfect and its sequel, she even unleashed her musical talent. She was last seen in a thriller, A Simple Favor, and is currently busy with a couple of upcoming movie productions.


Source: Instagram

6. Nikki Reed As Rosalie Cullen

Since Twilight wrapped, this stunning vampire has been keeping a low profile, starring in small budget films such as Empire State and About Scout. In 2015, she married The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder and welcomed a baby daughter in 2017. She is currently enjoying her family time and doing a lot of charity work.


Source: Instagram

7. Jackson Rathbone As Jasper Cullen

This quiet, newborn-vampire has starred in smaller-scale films such as Live at the Foxes Den and Pali Road but in no major releases. He is currently busy handling projects in his own production and record company and spending time with his wife Sheila and two children. Doesn't he look different now?


Source: Instagram

8. Ashley Green As Alice Cullen

This friendliest vampire did not take on any major acting roles after Twilight, but spent a bulk of her time contributing to animal welfare. In 2016, she married TV host Paul Khoury and will finally be seen in an American drama, Fair and Balanced.


Source: Instagram

9. Kellan Lutz As Emmette Cullen

After winning hearts as one of the hottest vampires in the saga, Emmette got many big-budget films such as 2011's Immortals and 2014's The Legend of Hercules. He also took a detour into modelling and participated in many Calvin Klein's ad campaigns. He is currently focussing on his charity work for causes such as animal welfare and sex trafficking.


Source: Instagram

10. Peter Facinelli As Carlisle Cullen

After wrapping up as the kind-hearted Cullen patriarch, he continued to remain a well-established actor on the silver screen, starring in numerous television series and movies. His most notable works have been Nurse Jackie and Supergirl. He is currently playing the role of Michael in a crime-drama series, S.W.A.T.

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11. Elizabeth Reaser As Esme Cullen

Elizabeth was already recognisable to all her TV fans for her role in the popular medical drama, Grey's Anatomy. Most recently, she was critically acclaimed for her performance in the hit Netflix horror series The Haunting Of The Hill House as Shirley Crain.


Source: Instagram

12. Michael Sheen As Aro

The iconic role of the most dangerous rival of the Cullens was portrayed by Welsh actor Michael. He is particularly praised for his direction and theatre work and has won several awards for the same. He is currently juggling between a director and the vice president of the Royal Society for Public Health, along with his wife.


Source: Instagram

Do you remember them all?

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