9 People Confess About Their Shower Sex Experiences

9 People Confess About Their Shower Sex Experiences

What’s hotter than seeing your partner naked? Seeing them naked and wet, and when we say wet, we just mean shower sex! It is something most people have fantasized about, right? But no matter how hot and steamy it looks in movies, the reality is different. So what is it actually like? We went on to Whisper to find the answer and we did find it. Some people revealed what showering together really feels like and here’s what they confessed...

1. That’s right! Shower sex is *actually* quite hot...

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2. Ouch! Good for you it was worth it...

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3. It can get quite tough...

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4. Great! We hope it continues to stay as amazing! *Wink*

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5. Who else agrees? Raise your hands!

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6. That’s true! There are a lot of struggles too...

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7. It’s tricky! Not the ideal kind of sex!

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8. We can guess how much you love it...

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9. Making out in the shower is quite sexy!

9 shower sex Image Source We found these confessions on Whisper. Okay, some people feel it’s overrated, while some people love it! What do you think?