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WTF Is A Designer Vagina? Here's Everything You Need To Know!

WTF Is A Designer Vagina? Here's Everything You Need To Know!

‘Let's write about designer vaginas.’

‘Well, we've got tons of material with PFW, of course - wait, what did you say?’

‘Vagina. V-A-G-I-N-A. Designer-F*cking-Vajayjays.’

*Blank stare*

‘Just google it!’

This conversation led me to google something I never thought I would - designer vaginas. Yes, it really is a real thing, and trust me, it’s completely bizarre.

So what is ‘Designer Vagina’?

Women are paying doctors to make their vajayjays look pretty, to be precise and it basically involves three types of surgeries:

Vaginoplasty: This process is done to tighten the vagina which doctors claim helps the woman and her partner to have ‘better sexual intercourse’.

Labiaplasty: This process is performed to improve the ‘look of the area’ by trimming the labia minora and majora.

Hymenoplasty: This process involves reconstruction of the hymen and it’s also termed as ‘revirginization’, for obvious reasons of course.  


Why is it ridiculous?

So now that you know what a designer vagina is, I think you’ll agree that it’s indeed completely ridiculous. And no, I’m not just saying it but I have reasons to support what I feel.

Reason No. 1 - Because the concept of virginity already has stigmas attached to it and if cosmetic treatments like hymenoplasty exist, they are just going to add to THIS problem and we’ll be stuck in a loop forever.  

Reason No. 2 - Because you don’t NEED to make your vajayjay look pretty. Of course, it’s a personal choice. But honestly, what good is it doing? There’s no data that says that designer vaginas boost your self-image since you won’t be the ones looking at them.

Reason No. 3 - Because why go through this process just to please someone else? We always talk about loving people the way they are then why do we have to do it for someone else?  

Reason No. 4 - Because it may or may not improve your sexual satisfaction. Even though the surgeons claim that these cosmetic treatments enhance sexual arousal and pleasure, there’s obviously an absence of data on the immediate and long-term effects of such surgeries.

Reason No. 5 - Because while it’s unnecessary, it’s also insanely expensive. It takes between £1,000 to £3,000 for the procedure to be done, and any consultations or follow-up appointments will cost you even more. This is consumerism at its best.

2 designer vagina

Let’s put an end to being plastic!

Girls, according to an article in Quartz India, these surgeries allow women to achieve the Barbie look and it’s INSANE. Aren’t we done with being plastic? We talk about women empowerment all day long. We talk about learning to be comfortable in our own skin. And yet, somehow, so many women still feel pressurized to live up to unrealistic beauty standards when it comes to their own bodies. This has to stop, right, ladies? You and I, we can put an end to being plastic.

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Published on Jul 12, 2017
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