‘I Kissed My Best Friend And…’ 7 People Share! | POPxo

‘I Kissed My Best Friend And…’ 7 People Share!

‘I Kissed My Best Friend And…’ 7 People Share!

Our first kiss with bae holds a special place in our heart. We all remember it, right? But ever wondered how kissing your best friend would be like? Some of us may laugh it off while for some, it may change the relationship dynamics entirely. Read these Whisper confessions by people about the times they kissed their best friends and you’ll know what may happen when you kiss your best friend. Here you go!

1. Sometimes, it’s all you’ve been waiting for…

1 kissing best friend - Copy

2. Sometimes, you can be rejected too!

2 kissing best friend - Copy

3. Sometimes, it fills your heart with guilt!

3 kissing best friend - Copy

4. Sometimes, it can get awkward too!

4 kissing best friend - Copy

5. Sometimes, you don’t know how to get through it!

5 kissing best friend - Copy

6. Sometimes, you don’t regret it at all!

6 kissing best friend - Copy

7. Sometimes, it’s a fun dare!

7 kissing best friend

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

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