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‘When My Girlfriend Gave Me A…Sex Surprise’ 5 Men Confess!

‘When My Girlfriend Gave Me A…Sex Surprise’ 5 Men Confess!

Sex is great but surprise sex is even better, isn’t it? We want to make the best out of our intimate moments by changing a few things here and there. But there are times when we are a bit confused about trying new stuff. We don’t know if our partner will like it or not and it might get a bit confusing, right? So here are some answers by men on Reddit about how they feel about waking up to sex at night and you gotta read these!

1. The one who thinks it’s cool if your partner’s consent is involved...

Plumeria answers on Reddit:  It's cool as long as consent is given beforehand for that sorta thing. If you tell the other person they are allowed to sex you up while you’re asleep, then it's all cool.

1 surprise sex - couple looking at each other

2. The one for whom it’s in the top five highlights of his life!

Soundofmind answers on Reddit: Waking up in the middle of the night to the girl riding my (early) morning wood, saying, ‘I hope... you don't... mind... I just couldn't... resist,’ while punctuating her words with each bounce down? One of the top 5 highlights of my life.

3. The one who thinks that there’s nothing wrong with surprise sex if...

Stephoswalk answers on Reddit: If the couple has discussed it beforehand, there's nothing wrong with surprise sex. Anything should be acceptable sexually among consenting adults in the privacy of their own home.

3 surprise sex - couple sleeping

4. The one who loves it when his wife does it...makes his day much, much better!

Bcos4life answers on Reddit: My wife will wake me up like this a couple times a week. She sometimes wants me on top so she uses her hand until I'm awake enough. If she is feeling like a quicky so she can get her day started, she will just climb aboard. If she wants a day in bed, she dips her head under the covers. I am on cloud f***ing 9 when she does this. Plus, we feel all cute and touchy for the rest of the day. And end up doing it way more that day.

5. The one who would love to indulge in it if he isn’t tired...

Lectrick answers on Reddit:

a. If I'm really tired - I hate to admit this, but no.

b. If I'm barely tired or less - by all means, indulge me!

Major kudos just for having the interest in this.

5 surprise sex - couple sleeping

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

Girls, now you know!

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