5 Men Share… Their Thoughts About Sex During Periods!

5 Men Share… Their Thoughts About Sex During Periods!

Sex during periods is absolutely normal unless the thought of it makes you or your partner uncomfortable. Although you can blame the anxiety you feel while thinking about it and all the mess it creates. But otherwise, if you do decide to go ahead and do it, it turns out to be pretty great because of all those horny hormones. So yeah, it depends on what you and your boyfriend mutually decide. And if you still worry about what he thinks about this situation then, here is a thread we found on Reddit where men shared what they think about having sex during periods. Just read them all and then if need be, ask your guy what he thinks about it.

1. The one who thinks it’s...awesome!

TheMagicUpvoteFairy answers on Reddit: IT WAS AWESOME. 10/10 would do again.

1 sex during period - it's awesome

2. The one who thinks it’s hot!

Titations answers on Reddit: I had sex with my wife on her days several times. She used to get very horny during her period. Now, not so much. I didn't mind at all. I actually thought it was hot that she wanted SO bad!

3. The one who thinks it’s not a problem at all!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: No problems here. In I go! Then shower. Then in again . . .

3 sex during period - no problem

4. The one who thinks a heads up is enough and...he will do it!

Asmodiar_ answers on Reddit: Most guys will have sex, just give them a heads up...

5. The one who thinks a woman should not be self-conscious!

Iambookus answers on Reddit: It's a woman thing. They are self-conscious when they are bleeding like a stuck pig. I personally like it.

5 sex during period - I like it

6. The one who thinks you must not lose 3 months of sex a year

Rightrevreg answers on Reddit: I've got friends that won't touch their girl. Seems stupid to miss out on 3 months of sex a year.

7. The one who thinks that it’s sexier than regular sex!

DashFerLev answers on Reddit: I put down towels and go to down. Honestly, my girlfriend is way more into sex than other days (she's louder, more aggressive) and she's louder.

7 sex during period - man dancing

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

Girls, now we know!

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