Sweet, Shy & Unexpected - 3 Real-Life ‘Wedding Night’ Stories!

Sweet, Shy & Unexpected - 3 Real-Life ‘Wedding Night’ Stories!
What do the bride and groom actually do on their wedding night? Is it actually like the movies? Or is it totally different? Don’t you wonder about it sometimes? We sometimes do! Some people on Quora revealed what actually happens and their answers are quite interesting…they took us by surprise! If you also want to know what happens on the first night after marriage… read on!

1. ‘That was the first time we really talked to each other…’ - Woah! You made a friend that night, didn’t you?!

Anonymous says… From my personal experience:-

We had a typical arranged marriage. I saw her once, talked once (on call), chatted with her once (Whatsapp) before getting engaged. After engagement we met once before our marriage. We had a lavish wedding with around 2000 guests. The wedding Lasted for 6 days from Gavyatra (Visiting the main temples in the village or town) to Gondhal (also known as Jagran, it’s a prayer ceremony. It’s also the last ceremony of the wedding after which it’s allowed to consummate the marriage in our culture.)

The stage was set. Full filmy style decorations in the bedroom. I never expected such things from my relatives as we are a bit orthodox (I suspected my cousins must have arranged those things.) Now after all the teasing and blushing, we were in our bedroom. I am normally good at ice breaking, but couldn't think of anything to say to her. There was a wearied 10 min silence. I knew she was a bit worried. She was sweating even when the ac was cranked up. I said anything that came my mouth at that time… ‘How are you sweating even when the ac is on?’ She said - ‘because it’s a dabba ac’. We laughed. We talked. We made a deal to do that when she is comfortable with it. We were tired after the ceremonies, but we enjoyed talking all through the night. That was one of the best feelings in the world, getting to know your wife, noticing minor details in her expressions, what was funny to her/ what was not, what she thought about the relatives. Actually that was the first time we really talked to each other. That was also the first time I noticed that she was very talkative.

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2. ‘He suddenly expressed the desire to kiss me…’ - Okay! This is an interesting story...

Anonymous says… That night was long with all the rituals and by the time everything got over we both were completely exhausted. I guess all the rituals got over by early morning. I don’t really remember the time, it was still dark. Finally there was vidai and I sat with my husband in the car decorated with flowers. I was too tired to think about anything, I had closed my eyes and I was just waiting to take rest. We reached our destination and got down, we were guided to our rooms.

Honestly at that hour of night/morning I just wanted to throw away my heavy lehenga and wear something light and doze off to sleep. Even my husband was uncomfortable in his sherwani. I started removing my jewelry and it was the first time I felt his touch. He simply came near me and started helping me remove my dupatta which was all clipped up. We both struggled but finally we were able to take the dupatta off and then I went inside and changed into a light saree. We slept without really doing anything on our first night. Next day was going to start with some interesting rituals.

Sorry I forgot that the readers are interested in knowing what we did on the first night. On the first night we both had our inhibitions. Even though before marriage we had spoken to each other few times and exchanged messages, but still there was inhibition. We started by talking about random things and then slowly my husband held my hand. I let him hold my hand and we continued talking, when he suddenly expressed the desire to kiss me. I knew all this was going to be a part of married life. I felt his lips feeling my lips, well it’s the feeling which I cannot really explain in words. After this what followed was quite exciting. My husband really knew my weak points - he kissed me below my ears, behind my neck, I could feel his lips feel every inch of my body. He struggled in removing my saree, so I helped him in undressing me. We had our first coitus and after that we have had many enjoyable nights together.

It is a feeling which I cannot really explain in words - those who are married must be aware and for those who are yet to marry, I would advice just let yourself free. Just go with the flow and make sure you both are comfortable. Don’t rush yourself into sexual act, take time, keep it slow and you both will simply love it.

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3. ‘They ended up pinching each other the whole night…’ - Hahaha! Now even we want to ask our mom what it was really like...

Anonymous says… 31 December, 1989

This is not my story but my parents’.

My father first met my mother somewhere around mid 1989 when he had come to see her as part of the usual arranged marriage meeting. He was working in Bombay at that time and my mother still remembers that he had worn a sky blue colored shirt that day. They had a very brief conversation majorly because it wasn’t a trend at that time to express oneself in detail and partly because my dad doesn’t talk much. My mom agreed for the marriage and my dad later left for Bombay. She had a lot to ask him but he being a shy guy during that time, hardly ever wrote letters to her.

Now came the first night. So my mom and dad were all alone in the room. They started talking and soon she realized that my dad was not as shy as she thought and that he can talk. They continued chatting till late night. But then they became a little conscious because they thought that they might feel sleepy during the daytime. And they didn’t want to end up in any embarrassing situation in front of elders the next day, so they made a pact that whoever would talk next would be pinched by the other. They could only resist for a few seconds, but not more than that. And thus they ended up pinching each other the whole night.

This was told to me by mom a few years ago when my dad pinched her in front me and they both burst into laughter. I got curious about the laugh and asked her about what the joke really was.

P.S: I don’t think they had sex that day, although I never asked them about it.

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So now you know what actually happens behind those locked doors! *Hahaha*

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