7 Couples Share... How Marriage Changed Their Relationship!

7 Couples Share... How Marriage Changed Their Relationship!
Can’t wait to marry your boyfriend? But you do know that there are a few things that change after you get married, right? What are those things, and how does your relationship with him change? Well, don’t worry, we’ve come to your rescue. We found some confessions on Whisper by couples who shared what changes after marriage, and trust us they’re quite interesting. Apart from your Facebook status, here are the things that might change...

1. That’s the most appropriate way of looking at it!

2. Good for you, may you keep having a blast!

3. Hahaha! That’s sweet!

4. That is amazing! Every couple fights and that’s okay!

4 what changes after marriage

5. Living with the in-laws has its own perks too...

5 what changes after marriage

6. Well, fights that bring you closer to him are good, right?!

6 what changes after marriage

7. And that should be the only thing that does change (if you wish to change it!)

7 what changes after marriage We found these confessions here on Whisper. Okay, those were some sweet confessions. What do you think? Images: Whisper