I Didn't Know I Was Riding A European Trend Wave When I Tried This Nail Look Inspired By Kylie Jenner!

I Didn't Know I Was Riding A European Trend Wave When I Tried This Nail Look Inspired By Kylie Jenner!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am extremely finicky when it comes to my nails. I usually get them done once a month, care for them like they are my child and also cry when there is a slight chip. This, of course, stems from the fact that I think I have man hands which MUST be kept manicured at all times! 

So a while ago, I was going through my insta-feed and came across Kylie Jenner's story. She's the queen of the coffin nails and I usually get most of my nail inspiration from her nail-fies. This one seemed like an interesting and practical look. So I decided to get it for my next manicure. 

I didn't think they had a name or anything, it was a french manicure with a twist and that's what I went with. Recently though, when I was researching nail trends, I came across the hashtag '#BabyBoomerNails'. It just sounded so interesting, I had to get a better look. AND IT WAS THE NAIL LOOK I HAD ON!

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According to Pinterest's Global Beauty Report, this trend has the most pins and the number is increasing. According to a leading website, when you do a search for 'Baby Boomer Nails' most accounts that turn up are the biggest names in the European nail circuit. While the soft french ombre has been around for SO long, why are the Europeans so crazy about this trend and also, WHY THIS NAME?


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Apparently, according to the same website, this nail look was an evolution of the simple french manicure and dated back to the 1940s (which are called the Baby Boomer Years) and that's how the name was coined. A lot of nail artists are making this trend their own by adding their own twist to the trend. Some made it matte and some added glitter.

Just like every nail trend, this one is up for inspiration, replication and innovation!

What do you think of this trend?

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