Written In The Stars: Wet N Wild Just Launched A Magical Zodiac Makeup Collection!

Written In The Stars: Wet N Wild Just Launched A Magical Zodiac Makeup Collection!

I start my day by reading my horoscope. I'm a proud Gemini woman and I'm not ashamed to tell the world that. In fact, I'm so in love with star signs that I recently brought home a lip gloss only because it had 'Gemini' printed on the bottle. In a nutshell, I'm happy to own any beauty product that has cute horoscope prints on them. 

A few hours ago, Wet n Wild launched their own zodiac makeup collection. The dreamy box itself is a visual treat to my eyes! There are 4 product variants in the box - a highlighter, eyeshadow, loose highlighting powder and lipgloss. 


There are 4 highlighter shades and they represent classical elements - fire, air, earth and water. There are 4 eyeshadow palettes as well. However, it doesn't include just one shade, there are 6 of them!

zodiac 2

Each eyeshadow palette comes with 6 highly pigmented metallic colours and promises to stay on your lids for hours at a stretch. 

zodiac 3

They launched a highlighting powder too! It's an interesting beauty product that's packed with iridescent pearls and is designed to give your skin a dewy glow. 

Now coming to my favourite part - the lip glosses! Taking the western astrology names, there are 12 shades. A shade for every zodiac on the chart. If you're an Aries, your lip gloss will be a dark wine shade. A chic Taurus woman will have a bubblegum pink gloss with golden sparkles inside. A shimmery beige for the fun-loving Gemini woman. Cancer has a sparkly white gloss that's excellent for coating a soft lipstick shade. Glittery peach for Leo, brownish-mauve for Virgo, a pale pink for Libra and Scorpio's lip gloss shade is a mystic purple with blue specs. Don't think we forgot the Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces woman. Their shades are maroon, red, coral and violet.  

zodiac 4

This collection isn't available in India yet, but you can ask your friend living in the States or Canada to buy it from Walmart stores or Wet n Wild's website starting from the August 1st. What's the price tag like? All zodiac products will range from 3-7 dollars. (That's around 200-500 Rs) Happy Shopping!

In the meantime, you can check these makeup products from Wet n Wild out!


Images: Wet n Wild