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8 Times Bollywood Songs Made Us Go WTF With Their Lyrics!

8 Times Bollywood Songs Made Us Go WTF With Their Lyrics!
Bollywood songs are fun. And we love singing along and dancing to them too. But then come those strange moments - when we suddenly realize that what we just repeated made NO sense whatsoever. Like, literally no sense. Can you blame us for going WTF? Read on, and see for yourself! And we bet the next time you find yourself singing along to these, you’ll be rolling your eyes for sure!

1. Naachange saari saari raat taang utha ke... Pee ke talli ho aaj saare tang utha ke! - “Taang Utha Ke”

Seriously? What are you? A dog that needs to pee?  1 weird Bollywood lyrics

2. Daddy mummy nai hai ghar pe, pichhle kamre me ghus ke, kuchh toh karenge..mil zara! - “Daddy Mummy”

Yaar. Why not your own bedroom? Why hassle those poor folks who have the bedroom behind you?

3. Arre, daaye baaye, jaise kamar tu hilaaye... Physics samajh nahi aaye! - “Kar Gayi Chull”

Umm. How to move WITHOUT moving hips left or right? Physiology samajh na aaye?

4. Pal pal na maane TINKU jiya...ishq ka manjan ghise hai piya! - “Tinku Jiya”

LITERALLY no idea what to say in response to this one. 4 weird Bollywood lyrics

5. Baara mahino mein baara tareekho tujhko pyaar jataunga re - “Dhinka Chika”

What about the other days of the month and the year? Who’s supposed to be jataao-ing pyaar then?

6. Aaj blue hai pani pani pani pani. Or din bhi sunny sunny sunny sunny sunnyyy...

Why just aaj? Pani is always blue... Maybe you just happened to notice that today..!

7. Phir wo DJ se jaake boli/ Bhaiya tu decide kariyo/ Ab beat chale ya goli - “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai”

Of course. Yeah. Obviously girls who don’t like the music being played at a disc are going to start shooting people. Way to make fun of women, and way to make light of violence. *Rolling eyes*

8. Oonchi hai building... Lift teri band hai... Kaise main aoon?? Dil razamand hai! - “Oonchi Hai Building”

Yeah, we know this is really old. But we’ve always wanted to say this… Really, dude? Try the damn stairs! 8 weird bollywood lyrics (1) GIFs: Giphy MUST-READ: The 8 Most WTF Lines From Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Songs!! MUST-READ: This Punjabi Dance Is *Perfect* For Your Sangeet Performance!