5 Questions We Want Bigg Boss To Answer After Madhurima's Violent Attack On Vishal

5 Questions We Want Bigg Boss To Answer After Madhurima's Violent Attack On Vishal

Bigg Boss is known for the drama it offers to viewers, but never before in the history of the show has anyone stooped to this level. The makers promised to make season 13 to be completely tedh-medha. But, they delivered on their promise with some really nasty fights and assaults, which we certainly don't want to watch. Post the shocking episode last night, we have some questions that we want to ask Mr. Bigg. But before we go any further, let's tell you what happened on last night's horrific episode. ICYMI, here's the clip. *Trigger warning*

Madhurima Tuli lost her cool on last night's episode and repeatedly whacked Vishal Aditya Singh with a frying pan after he threw water on her. While the fight made me jump out of my seat, some of the housemates ( looking at you, Siddharth Shukla) wanted to 'relive' the moment when Madhurima attacked Vishal. 

How did their fight begin? Vishal was angry with Madhurima because she kept referring to him as “behenji” and “munna” to irk him. He started throwing water on her and it was all fine till Madhurima was doing the same. But minutes later, Madhurima picked up a frying pan and attacked Vishal. 


Questions We Want Bigg Boss To Answer


In the past seasons, we've have seen evictions after contestants attack each other. But, it looks like, this season is indifferent towards any kind of violence that happens on the show. Well, this season is becoming increasingly abusive and violent and we really want Bigg Boss to stop giving aadeshs and answer our questions.

Is Bigg Boss Waiting For More Fractures? What's The Threshold Now?


Asim Riaz, Arhaan Khan And Siddharth Shukla almost coming to blows, Rashami Desai throwing tea on Siddharth, Mahira Sharma slapping Paras Chhabra and we saw multiple fractures on the show. In fact, last week, we saw Shehnaaz Gill aggressively slapping Siddharth and then the latter pinning down Shehnaaz. Dear Bigg Boss, this cringe-worthy content is not the kind of entertainment we want (in case you're confused). 

Is Violence A Part Of The Show's Format Now?


No violence on the show is probably the biggest rule of the show. But, the housemates have been ignoring the most important rule of the house almost every other day. They are causing physical harm to each other. How and why is this allowed, Bigg Boss? No one, I repeat, no one has been evicted from the show even after the repeated show of violence. And when it comes to taking a stand, sorry Bigg Boss, you kind of suck at that.

How's The Same Saza Justified For Both Madhurima & Vishal?

The Madhurima-Vishal fight was shocking, but what's even more shocking was the saza they got. While we were thinking this might be the end of Madhurima's journey in the house, Bigg Boss locked both of them inside a jail set-up, asking them to wait for the decision that will be announced over the weekend. Six. Hard. Blows. And still no eviction, and the same punishment for both? 

What If It Was Vishal Attacking Madhurima With A Frying Pan?

All we want to know from Bigg Boss now is if a man did the same as Madhurima, would you have given the same punishment? Do the makers think throwing water at a fellow contestant is equivalent to beating someone with a frying pan? Yeh ho kya raha hai, Bigg Boss? 

Till now, the show only accepted physical aggression and has always used these stunts grab more eyeballs. But how far the makers are willing to go in the name of entertainment?

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