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Aashiqui 3 : What Our Filmy Love For Shraddha's Desi OOTD Would Be Called

Aashiqui 3 : What Our Filmy Love For Shraddha's Desi OOTD Would Be Called

Ek ho gaye hum aur tum, toh udh gayi neende re...

Today is a special day. It's not every day that Shraddha Kapoor wears something we lose our heads, hearts, and neende over. We're in a filmy haze so forgive us for any cheesy declarations you might come upon in this article. 

At the Stree special screening last night, Shraddha Kapoor slipped into a desi-fusion ensemble. If we're being honest, these lines perfectly sum up our feelings -

tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho... zindagi ab tum hi ho(oooo)

1 shraddha kapoor desi ootd aashiqui 3

You're starting to get why we're being so enthusiastic and filmy about the Bollywood actress' new look, right? This is a never-seen-before Arpita Mehta outfit and we're glad Shraddha's wearing it. The designer's signature cropped top, high-waist sharara and jacket combination took us by surprise in a new colour scheme and pattern. And rightly so! 

2 shraddha kapoor desi ootd aashiqui 3

We're enamoured by the floral embroidery on the cropped top in quaint pastel shades of pink and green. Shraddha's bralette style top is a summer dream, and paired with those breezy lime-green and pink striped pants, it's a must-have for every wedding guest ever. 

The flowy cape jacket that Shraddha layered over the crop top and pants is the cherry on top! It looks comfy, light, and adds a bohemian-gipsy vibe to the Indian fusion ensemble. 

3 shraddha kapoor desi ootd aashiqui 3

Her big floral earrings are a delight too! The best part is that they'd look just as fantastic with a flirty dress as they're looking here. 

For us, it counts as redemption from all the style sins she has committed before... and BEYOND. Side note on her makeup: love it. love it. love it.  

We want this look so bad, we're legit praying to God for good raises, this year - sun raha hai na tu? 

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Published on Aug 31, 2018
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