We Know What Sonam Is Gifting Anand For The Wedding & It's Rather Unusual!

We Know What Sonam Is Gifting Anand For The Wedding & It's Rather Unusual!

The Kapoors and the preparation for their doting daughter Sonam Kapoor's wedding are in full swing. Sonam and Anand didn't do a Virushka and are tying the knot in Mumbai itself on 8 May. From the decked up Kapoor residence to their subtle and classy wedding invite and brother Arjun Kapoor teasing Sonam, it all seems to be as fun and candid as any big fat Punjabi wedding is.

Sonam Kapoor's gift to Anand Ahuja

But amidst all the preps, we came across an old interview of the actress wherein she spoke about what she would gift her husband on the night of their wedding. Long before the man of her dreams had even entered her life, Sonam had shared with her fans that she had something really special to give him. And trust us, it's something that no money can ever buy. 

Sonam said, “I have written quite a few poems but there was this one poem that I wrote when I was around 16 years old. It is called Ambition. I had promised myself that as soon as I find the person that I'm going to be with, I'm going to give him that poem. The day I get married, the poem will be with that man and I'll say that this is what I want my life to be like and hopefully, we can work together towards this”.

Now isn't that too innocent and adorable to handle? 

Congratulations Sonam! We wish you a lifetime replete with adventure, happiness and laughter. Can't wait for Sonam and Anand's wedding celebrations to kick off!

Internal & Featured Image: Twitter

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