Fashion Ka Hai Ye Jalwa: Priyanka Chopra's Dinner Jacket Is *Sheer* Sexiness!

Fashion Ka Hai Ye Jalwa: Priyanka Chopra's Dinner Jacket Is *Sheer* Sexiness!

Priyanka Chopra is one celebrity whose personal style has become the personal style of a lot of her fans globally. Even when she's wearing simple jeans and shirt, she's looking her casual best and classy. Last night, she gave her blue jeans-white shirt ensemble a stylish twist.

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Dazzled, aren't you?

On a dinner date with her mom, Madhu, celebrating her late father, Ashok Chopra's birth anniversary, Priyanka looked like a princess with all that Fendi and Chanel making us want a fairytale life too. But for us, the star piece is that bitchin' sheer jacket!


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This jacket is sheer sexiness. Geddit? Geddit?

Priyanka wore a sheer white jacket over her high-neck sleeveless self-ribbed top and that's how you make a basic outfit look boss. But if I have one concern, and I do, it's the fabric of the jacket that looks quite uncomfortable to wear. Given the sweaty and humid climate of India, how does one survive the heat in silk and polyester?

I guess it'll be fine with a roll-on deodorant, won't it? The jacket looks too cool to let go. What do you think?

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