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7 Ways To Declutter & Organise Your Beauty Cabinet During The 21-Day Lockdown

7 Ways To Declutter & Organise Your Beauty Cabinet During The 21-Day Lockdown

When was the last time that you finished a lipstick or emptied a jar of body cream? It's been a while, right? That's the problem most beauty mavens face today. With new product launches happening every month and new ingredients claiming to better for your skin, it's impossible to stay loyal to a brand and finish what you already own. During this 21-day lockdown period, with malls shut and online shopping being temporarily on hold, use this time to clean your beauty cupboard. It's not going to be easy. The clutter is probably even going to stress you out, but you must do your best to clean your space even if it takes an entire day to be done. 

7 Ways To Organise Your Beauty Cabinet During The 21 Day Lockdown

Shall we begin?

1. Start With One Cupboard At A Time

Don't make a mistake of cleaning everything in one day. If you have three drawers dedicated to beauty products, then clean one today, the other tomorrow and the last one, day after tomorrow. The goal is to clean your space slowly but perfectly and to not mentally exhaust you. Each shelf you remove, take a damp cloth and wipe the space, allow the area to air-dry and then move on to the next step. 

2. Gather Them Into A Pile

Avoid taking out one product at a time to clean your cupboard and just grab all of them and place them on the bed or a fluffy carpet. Then, pick the products that you've never used and place them into a separate box - the ones you're left with are your essentials. 

3. Check Expiry Dates


Now that you know your essentials, the next step is to check their expiry dates. If they've moved past their time then without a second thought just chuck them into a bin. Using makeup and skincare products that have passed their expiry dates can cause acne, skin irritation and allergy. 

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4. Arrange Them By Purpose

If you take a look at your makeup products, you know you can divide them into lip, eye and base products. For example, in one tiny box, you can store all your lipsticks, lip glosses and balms. In another box, eye makeup products like liners, kajal, mascara, eyeshadow can go in and base products would be your foundation, concealer, contour sticks, compact powder and so on. You can even use paper, colour strips or stickers to label the boxes so you know where what is. 

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5. Place In The Important Ones In The Front

If you have a lot of makeup, separate your essentials with products you don't use on a daily basis. Place those products separately in a pouch and keep them in front of your beauty cabinet, so you don't end up wasting your time to search for them when you're in a hurry.  


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6. Less Is More


If you have more variants of one product like let's say blush, then downsize it to just one product. You can gift the extras and unused products to friends or family. You don't need that many products with you, one is enough to last you for a while. 

7. Keep Products That Can Be Used In Different Ways

A pink, creamy lipstick does the job of three products. It can be used as a blush, a lipstick and an eyeshadow. Mascara can be used for thicker lashes and can be used to fill in your brows - no need of a separate brow pencil or powder. A kajal can be used to paint your waterline and used as eyeliner - it really boils down how creative you are with your makeup products. 

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Once you're done with makeup, do the same for skincare and hair products like shampoo, conditioners, gels, oils and serums. You have all the time in the world to do this, you might as well do a good job. Happy cleaning!

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