25 Thoughts I Had When I Watched ‘50 Shades Freed’ Teaser At Work!

25 Thoughts I Had When I Watched ‘50 Shades Freed’ Teaser At Work!

Fifty Shades Freed teaser is out!

YES! Now if you are a Fifty Shades fan, you’ll probably love it and well, if you aren’t, just like me, you’ll be clueless as to WTF is happening in this teaser. I was asked to watch it at work (Yeah, I have a pretty chill office) and so here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, sharing the crazy thoughts I had while I watched the new ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ teaser!

1. Wait. Is that a dress? On a chandelier? Are you kidding me?

2. OMG! It’s a wedding dress!

3. The soundtrack is so edgy though…

4. Okay, then…Christian Grey is saying his vows! 

5. Why am I doing this? I'm at work FFS!

5 fifty shades freed - confusion

6. I’m definitely getting a dress like that for my wedding. I just have to find my Christian Grey, right?


8. I have no clue what’s happening but whatever it is, he’s looking SO HOT!

9. It’s releasing on Valentine’s Day, again. Well, but it never releases in India so let’s not keep our hopes high.

10. “...for as long as we both shall live.” - Most boring dialogue EVER.

8 fifty shades freed - eye rolling

11. Ooh, look at Dakota Johnson. Bridal make up on point, hun!

12. Goddamn! When is my private-jet-owning-rich-handsome-husband showing up?

13. Ooooooooh “Mrs” Grey. SWEET!

14. That's SO NSFW!

15. Honeymoon goals, for sure!

12 fifty shades freed - good job

16. They look hot together. 

17. Wait. A gun? OMG! How is that okay? That’s going too far!

18. Will someone tell me what’s happening here?

19. Maybe I should hide my laptop. What if someone sees me watching THIS?

20. So what if they do? I don't care.

20 fifty shades freed teaser- i don't care

21. Who was that? Why is that car following her?!

22. More sex? Yes, keep it going…

23. THE GUN? Again?


25. Okay, now I NEED to know what happens!

25 fifty shades freed teaser - need to know

So here, watch the trailer.

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