Munna Aur Modi? Vivek Oberoi Says He Was The First Choice For Munna Bhai MBBS

Munna Aur Modi? Vivek Oberoi Says He Was The First Choice For Munna Bhai MBBS

Munna Bhai MBBS is one of the most popular films in Bollywood! The movie, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, was a turning point in Sanjay Dutt's life. Now that we look back, we can't imagine any other actor playing Munna Bhai. Also, the film had the most epic dialogues! 

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According to the grapevine, Dutt wasn't the first choice for the film. Raju Hirani offered the film to Shah Rukh Khan but the actor opted out. When King Khan was asked if he regrets not doing the film, he said, "I think every film is written in an actor's destiny. I don't think I would have done it as well as Sanjay Dutt has. I think he was fantastic in the film."

What a sport! 

Interestingly, Sanju baba wasn't even the second choice. Hirani offered the film to Vivek Oberoi but unfortunately, he also rejected the film. The actor recently spilled the beans on why he opted out of Munna Bhai. He said, "I wanted to do Munna Bhai. I said yes to it, but destiny had it that it was supposed to be a Sanjay Dutt film. I couldn’t adjust my dates."

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Aren't we all glad that Dutt played the role?

The actor has been in the news lately...for all the wrong reasons. In fact, recently, he took a subtle dig at Salman Khan. Vivek said, "I'm the guy whose professional obituaries have been surfacing since 2004. Due or no due, the fact is that I am still here, unbreakable."

In case you don't remember the famous Vivek versus Salman feud, click here to catch up.

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