Virat And Anushka Twinning On Date Night Is Every Married Couple Ever

Virat And Anushka Twinning On Date Night Is Every Married Couple Ever

When it comes to relationships, some couples like to keep their displays of love on the low down while others like to take the full-blown PDA route whether it's in their actions or words. In this mix are couples who the middle path, who take the subtle but genuinely adorable route to sending the message across, often making us go aww like a pair of mush balls. 

Case in point - the Virushka newlyweds (yes it's only been 6 months and three days but who's calculating). From Virat's adorable birthday surprise for his wifey to Anushka cheering on all cricket matches, their 185-day journey as a married couple has been full of cute moments together. They even got a fluffy lil' puppy together. 



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In the midst of oohing and aaahing over their candid moments together, we noticed a little style secret. The couple is often spotted matching their colour palette. Yes, it's a real thing! If you look closer you'll spot everybody from Korean couples to your parents' doing the same. Instances like the twinning black tees in the picture with the new puppy or even Anushka borrowing T-shirts from Virat's closet show their affinity for the matching sphere.    

The couple was spotted last night grabbing dinner dressed in jeans with black on top. While Virat was seen wearing a plain black tee, Anushka wore a strappy black top with a fresh face. 


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Need more proof? Virat on Tuesday (June 12, 2018) received the Polly Umrigar Award at the BCCI Awards 2018 and attended the ceremony with doting wife, Anushka. This time the couple's choice of colour was midnight blue with Anushka picking a nautical-inspired gown from Vilshenko and Virat in a sharp, pinstripe suit. They perfectly complimented each other as they went about the night arm-in-arm grinning like a much in love couple.   

The pattern of matching their colours started with their wedding ceremonies and we've spotted the couple often stick to the theme. 

Do you do this too?