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Virat Kohli Beats SRK To Become The Most Valuable Celebrity Brand In India!

Virat Kohli Beats SRK To Become The Most Valuable Celebrity Brand In India!

Virat Kohli sure seems to be on a roll this month! After his much talked about wedding with Anushka Sharma, the cricketer has now topped the list of the 'Most Valuable Celebrity Brand' beating even Shah Rukh Khan. That's right, Kohli is not just rocking it on the field and in his personal life, but in all other areas as well. Basically, if we were all in school, Kohli would've been the all-rounder student we'd all be secretly envying. 


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According to the report 'Rise of the Millennials: India's Most Valuable Celebrity Brand' by Duff & Phelps, Virat has a brand value of USD 144 million, with a 56% rise from last year. This is the first time that SRK has come down to the second position in this list with USD 106 million. Well, it's a bummer for SRK but we're sure he'll happily let Virat take charge now. 

The celebrities are judged on their performance in their career, the fees they get for being part of endorsements and their popularity index (which, obviously, has been off the charts for Virat ever since #Virushka happened.)


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Deepika Padukone has come at the third position with USD 93 million. While other celebrities like Akshay Kumar (USD 47 million), PV Sindhu (USD 15 million) and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (USD 21 million) also found a place on the list. Sindhu has become the first female sports personality to be featured on the list. Overall, however, it was a great year for sports with 25% of the celebrities on the list coming from the sports world. 

As of October 2017, Virat was seen endorsing 20 brands. Apart from performing great on the field and wooing us all (and then breaking our hearts by getting hitched with Anushka Sharma), Virat seems to be doing exceptionally well in life. 


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Well, we do congratulate Virat on the amazing year he has had. With his wedding receptions in Delhi and Mumbai closing the month for him, we bet things are only going to get bigger and better. And as far as 2018 is concerned, the captain seems to have it all figured out. 

Featured Image: Virat Kohli on Instagram

Published on Dec 21, 2017
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