13 Times Virat And Anushka Gave Us Relationship Goals Like No Other

13 Times Virat And Anushka Gave Us Relationship Goals Like No Other

If you aren’t living under a rock, you obviously know all about the Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding. Not only did the couple manage to keep this huge life event a secret, the fact that they pulled it off just made me love them more! The couple began dating back in 2013 after doing a shampoo commercial together, and have been inseparable since then. Though there was a rumoured breakup around February, 2016 but Virat’s Instagram post and their attendance at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding together in December, 2016 shut down the haters.

Now the couple is happily married and my heart can’t stop fluttering over everything these two have seen and grown through together. So I decided to share my fan-girl excitement by making a list! Here are 11 times Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma gave me MAJOR realtionship goals, leaving my single heart longing for a happily ever after.

1. The Chemistry Was There Since The Day They Met

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The sexy tango situation definitely worked in their favour! The couple met, sparks flew, and look at them now!

2. They Went Public When He Blew Her A Kiss

kiss virushka

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After scoring a half-century and breaking the record, Virat blew Anushka a kiss in a packed stadium after the ODI against Sri Lanka at Hyderabad in 2014. This moment made the couple official and Anushka couldn’t stop blushing over his gesture.

3. When He Stood By Anushka

When the couple had a rumored break-up, and Kohli’s performance wasn’t as expected many fans began channeling the hatred towards Anushka. When Virat stood by her side. it made my heart melt!

4. And Gave Her Some Well Deserved Credit

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Watch the clip from 14:45 and you’ll realise why this couple is legit everything I ever want from my life! Can someone talk about me this way already?

5. Growing & Succeeding Together

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They blossomed in their respective careers together and though Anushka has been quite private about their relationship, Virat mentioned in an interview about how Anushka has seen his greatest achievements and supported him through it all!

6. Cute AF Women’s Day Post

I think the caption speaks for itself, #enoughsaid

7. A Man Who Isn’t Afraid To Apologize

Though this post wasn’t directed at Anushka, the gesture pushed his ‘Boyfriend Goals’ ranking off the roof. Is it ‘Husband Goals’ now?

8. They Do Everyday Things Just Like Us

gardening virushka

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grocey virushka

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Whether it’s gardening or going grocery shopping together in New York, their realism made their romance super relatable.

9. This Valentine Post


Everyday is a valentine day if you want it to be. You make everyday seem like one for me ❤❤. @anushkasharma

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Their easy go lucky attitude and aww-worthy captions have been making our hearts swoon for 4 years now!

10. They Looked Killer Cute At The Indian Sports Honours

virat anushka

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how good they look together? We’ve always eagerly awaited their public appearances.

11. And Stole The Show At Every Wedding

Yuvraj Singh Wedding

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Zaheer Khan wedding

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From attending Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s wedding in December, 2016 to Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge’s wedding in November, 2017, the couple has always stolen the show.

12. We Should Have Seen The Wedding Coming!

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This ad by Manyavar broke the internet before their wedding did! And with vows like that, we should have seen the wedding coming.

13. But Damn, The Captions

Their wedding announcement might just be the cutest part of their relationship. Everything is perfect, from the caption to the picture to this lovely couple!

Here’s wishing you the best, Virushka!