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Virushka Auctioned Their Wedding Pictures For Charity, Could This Couple Get Any Better?

Virushka Auctioned Their Wedding Pictures For Charity, Could This Couple Get Any Better?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, fondly known as Virushka have officially become the cutest couple to take over the internet. And when we couldn’t hold the emotions anymore, looking at their perfect pictures, complete with colour-coordinated outfits with pastel undertones, and loving gazes that got instant smiles on our faces, they went ahead and did something that made us swoon even further! The couple has officially decided that their wedding pictures will be auctioned for a social cause to an American magazine. Can you imagine anybody more perfect?!

1. Where It All Began

2. The Sneak Peak

3. Look At That Smile!

4. Have You Seen A Happier Bride?

5. Walking Down The Aisle

6. Doesn’t She Look Fierce!

7. What’s More Beautiful? Her Or The Outfit?

8. My Poor Heart

9. A Look At Where The Dream Came True

10. And The Squad That Made It Happen!

So if you haven’t already gone through the few pictures and videos that slowly surfaced over the past two days then please do so as soon as possible! Because apparently, that’s all we’re getting for a while.

Feast your eyes my fellow aam aadmi, and join in on the suspense that has our hearts captured in its mean claws.

While Anushka is to travel with Virat to their honeymoon in Rome and reception in India. After which they will go to South Africa, he will begin prepping for his upcoming series, where they will spend the New Years together. After which, Anushka will go back to shooting for Anand L Rai’s film with Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on the pictures sometime by New Year’s, wouldn’t that be a fairy-tale ending?

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