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SHOCKING: Vikas Gupta & Puneesh Sharma Drop Out Of Bigg Boss 11?!

SHOCKING: Vikas Gupta & Puneesh Sharma Drop Out Of Bigg Boss 11?!

As we wait for the Bigg Boss 11 finale to begin, the race keeps on getting more and more exciting. A leading publication has just revealed that Puneesh Sharma had dropped out of the race last night, and today, Vikas Gupta is also out! Yeah, you read that right. Vikas is no longer in the race to win the Bigg Boss trophy. And with these two men out of the picture, the battle is now between two of the strongest female contestants of the season, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde! 

Although, many ex-contestants and fans had predicted for Vikas to win because he was the mastermind in the house. But that's certainly not happening now. With him being evicted our eyes are set on both the female contestants. 

The fans of Puneesh and Vikas might be upset over the eviction but, rumour has it that Puneesh might have left the house with some amount of money and with Vikas' eviction, looks like he made a smart decision. 

Akshay Kumar, who is promoting his upcoming blockbuster Padman has already arrived on the sets of Bigg Boss and he will be announcing the winner of the season tonight. With Shilpa Shinde's huge fan following, data points towards her win but there's no doubt that Hina Khan also has some bright chances of winning the season. The countdown has already begun and we don't know what turn the show is going to take on the finale! Stay tuned to know the winner!

Published on Jan 14, 2018
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