Vikas Guppta VS Parth Samthaan: Producer Asks Actor To Tell The 'Truth' Or He Will

Vikas Guppta VS Parth Samthaan: Producer Asks Actor To Tell The 'Truth' Or He Will

After years of controversies and industry rivalries, producer and creative director Vikas Guppta finally opened up about them through a couple of IGTV videos. A slew of allegations against Vikas started doing rounds in 2015 after Parth Samthaan (who plays Anurag Basu in Kasautii) accused him of molestation, non-payment of fees, and constant threats of ruining his career.

A while later, both Vikas and Shilpa Shinde entered the Bigg Boss house in 2017 and a lot was said and done. During the show, Shilpa accused him of sabotaging her career morphing her pictures and circulating a lewd MMS to defame her. It didn't end just there. The very next year Danish Zehen, a contestant from Vikas's reality show Ace Of Pace, passed away in an accident and Shilpa blamed it on Vikas saying that it was not an accident but a conspiracy instead. 

While all this time Vikas mostly kept mum, he has decided to clear each one of these charges now. "I don't want to be remembered as a bad human being because I am not. I have a good heart. I have done a lot of good things and I do them coz they make me happy. The only problem is that I keep finding the wrong kind of people. I have thus decided that I will tell everything to you all and I wouldn't be scared of anyone anymore. I have long been scared. I am gonna call out each one of you who made me go through hell," he said.

Vikas took to Instagram to share that he has been "tortured" all this while and intends to "unmask" everyone behind this so that they can never hurt anyone else. In the first video, Vikas shared that it was a YouTube video shared by a 14-15-year-old boy that forced him "to call out the evil people who have made my [his] life a hell every day": if a 14-15-year-old kid can think this way then others must be thinking about me the same way as well. And if I never tell anyone what exactly happened then they'd keep thinking that I must have done a lot of wrong things.

In his caption, Vikas questioned, "What do these people get for making my life a living hell for the last few years" and added "Never backing down - till I have anything left in me. Even if I am alone." He has also explicitly named Parth Samthaan, Shilpa Shinde, and Priyank Sharma among people who have been allegedly spreading rumours about him.

In a video posted by him earlier today titled "Call Them Out," Vikas has named Parth Samthaan and asked him to give clarity on all the allegations that the actor made on him.  

"I am not perfect but I am right. Even back then I did not try to prove anyone wrong. I just said that I never did anything. And when he called me three years later to apologize, I accepted the apology as well. However, even after apologizing, Parth never came out with the truth or clarified the matter," Vikas said. He further added that it is because of Parth's silence that people are getting to make and randomly circulate "rumours" about him. 

He has thus urged Parth to clear the matter, "So, Parth Samthaan, I want you to go Live and clear the air on what went wrong and tell all of it. Otherwise, I will tell the story, every bit of it. I tried reaching out to you a week ago as well. However, you refused to get involved." Here's the video:

"#Callthemout face your fears, wipe your tears and do what is right. My name is #VikasGupta and have been subjected to a lot of bullying, defamation and targeted for things that is not my fault. I am starting the process of cleaning my life of lies and will accept the truth as it is without the intention of hurting others. #parthsamthaan Do what is right and Truth," he has captioned the video. Parth is yet to comment on this.

All this while, Vikas has remained quite infamous for ruining careers and threatening actors and newcomers in the industry. If Parth decides to come out with a statement at all, then it would indeed throw some light on the issue and clarify a lot of rumours that have been circulated about the producer.

Featured Image: Instagram