Third Time's A Charm? At 62, Vijay Mallya To Marry Girlfriend Pinky Lalwani

Third Time's A Charm? At 62, Vijay Mallya To Marry Girlfriend Pinky Lalwani

If sources are to be believed, Kingfisher Scion, Vijay Mallya will be tying the knot for the third time. Mallya, 62, is set to marry his longtime girlfriend and former Kingfisher Airlines air hostess, Pinky Lalwani. The two have been in a live-in relationship ever since they started dating and recently celebrated their third anniversary together. 

It looks like their love is as strong as ever, Pinky stood by her man through the bankruptcy scandal. The business tycoon has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. He was charged with fraud of over 9000 crores in 2016, due to which he fled to London. But that didn't deter his girlfriend from sticking by his side.

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The two met in 2011 when Pinky became an air hostess for Kingfisher Airlines. They've often been spotted together on various occasions and she's even been seen spending time with her beau's mother. The liquor baron previously married Sameera Tyabjee, a former Air India hostess, in 1986. His second wife (who he is still legally married to) is Rekha Mallya, who is a childhood friend. He has 3 kids from his previous marriages, a son named Siddharth and two daughters, Leanna and Tanya. It looks like nothing can keep these two apart - not the wide age gap nor the estranged wives! The wedding is expected to be a lavish affair and will take place in London. So will the third time really be a charm for the King Of Good Times? Only time will tell - but here's hoping! 

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