#VideoOfTheDay: This YouTuber Taped Her Chin For A Smaller Face! OMG!

#VideoOfTheDay: This YouTuber Taped Her Chin For A Smaller Face! OMG!

Okay seriously, after watching this video you're going to look at beauty standards around you in a VERY different light! Asian beauty has been in the news for a while now. K- Beauty trends made its way to India and while I've embraced the best of sheet masks, some parts of it are just shocking. I recently spotted something spooky on my explore page. I saw a lot of Chinese women posting these makeup transformations. They were taking their makeup off, but THEN they took some tape off their jawline and I flipped out. Basically, Chinese women usually have super chiselled jawlines, a tall nose bridge and wide doll-like eyes. To achieve that jawline women are basically taping their chins!

Youtuber Promise Tamang decided to give this look a whirl. 

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This YouTuber is known to do a LOT of transformations into various celebrities like Cardi B and even does a lot of cosplay makeup. So this video shouldn't have freaked me out as much because it was fairly simple. But to think that women actually do this on a regular basis to achieve a certain face shape is genuinely beyond me. When Promise puts on the tape, she says it isn't comfortable at all and that it feels like a neck brace. Imaging having THAT on your face all day. You can see the dramatic change when she does the reverse transformation towards the end of the video. Skip to that if you don't want to see the process, though I suggest you watch the whole thing. 

Here we are trying to celebrate ourselves and our bodies, wearing what we want, rocking our no-makeup selfies and then there's this trend of taping your face just dragging us back. I really hope that this is a viral trend and not a way of life. 

What did you think? Are you as freaked out as I am?

Featured Image: Instagram

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