#VideoOfTheDay: Did You Know Beauty Vlogger Jeffree Star Wanted A Music Career?

#VideoOfTheDay: Did  You Know Beauty Vlogger Jeffree Star Wanted A Music Career?

Jeffree Star has been a name that you cannot ignore in the beauty industry. He has been there and done it all. From controversies to straight on rows with other Youtube beauty gurus, Jeffree is known to be someone who always speaks his mind. He's sometimes brash and mostly awesome. Addressing the elephant in the room, we also have to mention that he definitely the most (visually) rich Youtubers there are. 

But there's always been so much mystery around him. No one really knows how he got where he was or what he does. Did you know that he actually wanted to have a music career? Or that he was beaten up by men for looking the way he did? Did you know he got famous through MySpace before he did Youtube? His smile and his attitude kind of make you forget or not want to know what he's been through. This video series by Shane Dawson is here to uncover the truth.

Disclaimer: Before you see the video please understand that there is some strong language used in the video and a lot of the people in the video identify as homosexuals.

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The struggle is real! Jeffree Star has been through so much trauma just to get where he is. He heartbreakingly reveals how much he was ill-treated when he was younger and how just to get over that he was nasty and mean. He also talks about the rows he's had with people and how he is not above apologising when he knows he's made a mistake. Then he dives into why he had to let go of his dream to have a music career. Also, sister James Charles makes a cameo, so fun!

You gotta love a guy who can own up to his mistakes and laugh at himself! 

Are you a fan of Jeffree? 

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