#VideoOfTheDay: This Beauty Mogul Gives Her ULTIMATE Skincare Guide!

#VideoOfTheDay: This Beauty Mogul Gives Her ULTIMATE Skincare Guide!

Skincare is the current buzzword that is ruling the beauty industry. What I love most is that a lot of the makeup trends are also playing homage in a way to skincare. While this is a trending phenomenon, a lot of us still have not cracked the perfect formula to finding an ideal skincare routine. This just doesn't mean finding the right products but also a sequence of events. What works and what doesn't. When it comes to products, they evolve through time as our skin changes or as we age. Also, the beauty industry as a whole is constantly evolving, so even that affects our list of products. 

Huda Kattan recently put up a video not just to talk about her skincare routine but to also give you a foolproof sequence and some tips and hacks to help you take better care of your skin. 

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She also talks about a lot of things that she does and absolutely doesn't do. She is very gentle when it comes to pulling and tugging her face. She also has mastered a few movements that help her work the product into her skin more effectively without dragging the skin down. Apart from the usual CTM, she also talks about shaving (read our colleague's account about shaving her face here) and dermarolling. 

I feel like I now have a very clear picture of what my skincare routine should look like and where I am going wrong. What do you think?

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