#VideoOfTheDay: Learn How To Perfect A Waterfall Braid!

#VideoOfTheDay: Learn How To Perfect A Waterfall Braid!

Back when I was young and full of hope and a gusto for life I did a 30-day hairstyle challenge where I would do a new hairstyle every day. I have naturally pretty straight hair and sometimes it does get boring. That was when I started learning how to braid my hair with different YouTube videos. I wish this video was around then! Twist Me Pretty was one of the blogs I came across when I was doing this challenge. This was a blog and YouTube channel run by Abby Smith. I really loved her simple hairstyles and I especially loved the fact that most of her hairstyles would look as good on unstyled hair too. 

It was so cool to see that she was doing a 30/30 Learn How To Braid Hairstyle challenge. It was literally what I did back then. While I do know how to Dutch and French braid, I somehow didn't bother to learn how to waterfall braid. But I know it looks great!


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What I loved about this video is that she didn't just talk about the basic way to do a waterfall braid she also showed us a few variations of the hairstyle. I love them all and I think they would be perfect for date night and also for a brunch with the girls. 

What kind of braids do you like doing?

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