Real-Life Monica Geller Found! TikTok Video Of Girl Cleaning Friend's Room Goes Viral

Real-Life Monica Geller Found! TikTok Video Of Girl Cleaning Friend's Room Goes Viral

Who likes to live in a pile of dirt? Nobody! It's mostly laziness or procrastination that makes our clothes (clean enough not to go in the laundry, but not enough to go back in the wardrobe) rotate between the bed and that designated chair that we all have in our rooms. And this happens at the speed of 'twice a day per week'. The struggle is harder when you live by yourself. So, what do you do? You get yourself a good roommate. One who understands your excuses or how about finding someone like Monika Geller, the OG neat-freak, who can actually do the cleaning for you. Having that kind of drive to clean is a true skill and not that easy to find. Or so we thought!

Orlando-based Sam Smithburger has been identified as the real-life Monica Geller after her TikTok video of cleaning her BFF's room went viral.


Here's a picture of Sam (in white), the real-life Monika Geller, and Jenna Palladino (the BFF) from the latter's 21st birthday party in January. Roommates who slay together, stay together, amirite?!

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Oh my god, that’s my baby

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In the video, 22-year-old Sam mentions how Jenna has been struggling, "My roommate has been very overwhelmed lately (6 classes, 2 jobs, an internship, and just totaled her car)." So, Sam decided to do a nice thing for her by cleaning her room and bathroom. She can be seen vacuuming, scrubbing the toilet, and prettying it up with the help of another friend (Sean). She even got one more friend (Meghan) to make quesadillas for Jenna. "6 hours and a bottle of titos later," the room looked like, well, see for yourself.





God bless Sam. Jenna is so lucky to have found the Monica to her Rachel. Here's the video that's all over social media now and for all the right reasons, might I add.

Naturally, when the video made it's way to Jenna's Twitter after seven million views, she couldn't help but retweet it with a caption that's heart-warming. Check it out:

She further tweeted, "Also I would have cleaned my room if I knew 7 million of y’all were gonna be in it 😩😩" Haha!

A couple of days later, Jenna took to Twitter again to post a few pictures with Sam, in a room filled with balloons, holding a heart-shaped cake that said 'Sorry I showed the entire world your room!'. I tell you, these girls are #RoommateGoals

On this note, show some love to your personal cheerleader in the comment section below, won't you?

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