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Indian Couple Flies Into Their Wedding In A Bird Cage And It’s Outrageous

Indian Couple Flies Into Their Wedding In A Bird Cage And It’s Outrageous

The big, fat, Indian wedding has been going from grand to grander and sometimes, simply outrageous! Wedding trends are going overboard with brides breaking the bank for a one-time wear lehenga and couples taking the word lavish to a whole other level. Pre-wedding shoot locations are becoming more and more exotic and many a time people are actually spending all of their savings on the shaadi function.

But if you think you've seen the most extra of all weddings, please hold on to your horses because this couple takes it up a notch. They actually entered their wedding on a freaking bird cage. Yep! Lavish- no, outlandish- freaking yes. A video of this spectacle has gone viral on social media and people are just screaming "EXTRA"!

Even Superman must have thought the fudge was going on in here! And the object isn't just a simple birdcage, nope, this one comes with its own extravaganza. There's an eagle flapping its wings and bringing the God-like couple to the ground with us mere mortals. Maybe they took the whole pushpak viman from the Ramayana way too seriously!

The whole fiasco was completed in full Bollywood style with fireworks and sparkles. It was even accompanied by the classic song Baharon Phool Barsao.

Twitterati feels the entire shebang is just ridiculous and unnecessary and have been sharing their thoughts on the same.

1. #IndiansRepresent

2. It is ostentatious AF!

3. Ouch!

4. Trust us Indians to try to one-up each other in everything!

5. Sasti masti!

Apparently, the time for the bride to walk towards the mandap or the groom coming on horseback, heck even entering on a royal elephant seems to be so last year. Now is the time to fly into your shaadi. WHATTT!?

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