Varun Dhawan Gets Challaned By Mumbai Police For A Selfie Stunt On The Road

Varun Dhawan Gets Challaned By Mumbai Police For A Selfie Stunt On The Road

Remember the time when we considered celebrities as normal people like you and me and not epitomes of evolved beings that need to be worshipped on every minuscule achievement they accomplish?

Yeah, me neither.

Our obsession with Bollywood celebrities transcends logic and reason, to the extent that we can no longer even question the practice, because it’s become an accepted thing to do! While a lot of celebrities use this kind of influence to speak out against sexism, gender equality, and road safety, there are certain others that really need to make more of a conscious effort to toe the line between right and wrong. More so, because they’re in the harsh glare of the spotlight, even when they aren’t in front of the screen.

One such example of irresponsible behaviour came to light when Varun Dhawan was spotted trying to take a selfie with a fan in the middle of the road, at a traffic signal, hanging out of his car window, while the fan leaned out of her autorickshaw. Yep, that’s how crazy it was, and clearly, the Mumbai Police agreed on the same!

While Twitter (as usual) split up into groups of “what the hell?” and “Good job, Mumbai Police!”, Varun Dhawan took the opportunity to apologise for his reckless behaviour.

Normally, an apology such as this would be duly accepted and we could all go home with an ‘oh well, that’s that!’. But a tweet from the Mumbai Police followed Varun’s apology, and the resulting burn was pretty harsh!

Ouch, indeed. And not surprisingly, members of the Twitterati rejoiced and rebutted in equal measure!

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Feature Image: Mid-day, The Hindu