Here's How Twitter Schooled The Woman Who Asked Airtel For A Hindu Representative!

Here's How Twitter Schooled The Woman Who Asked Airtel For A Hindu Representative!

We live in a country where the religious divide is becoming more apparent by the day. We've been hearing incidents on the news where intolerance has been on the uprise during the past few years and it is heartbreaking. Just a few days back, an Ola driver off-roaded a customer after allegedly refusing to drive through a Muslim locality and now the telecom giant Airtel is under the radar for something similar.

Airtel user Pooja Singh expressed her displeasure over how a service engineer behaved with her. Following this, a customer service representative from Bharti Airtel India got in touch with her to attend to her complaint. 

However, Pooja didn't want to be attended by a Muslim man, so she requested the company to change Shoaib as her service provided and asked for a Hindu representative to see her complaint through. She took to Twitter again and made her stance know saying, "You’re a Muslim and I have no faith in your working ethics because Kuran may have different version for customer service."

To everyone's surprise, Airtel actually responded to the tweet and a Hindu representative had taken over for Shoaib. A man named Gangajot was now in-charge of Pooja's request.

Twitter took it upon itself to school Pooja and stop people from spreading religious bigotry. They were also infuriated with a global brand like Airtel for succumbing to this kind of intolerance and hatred. Many people spoke up against this outright Islamophobia including politicians and journalists.

Former Jammu and Kashmir CM also made his stance against Airtel.

The renowned journalist from NDTV Ravish Kumar also took to Twitter to stand against this.

Even Gauhar Khan lashed out at Pooja.

Tweeple even started a joke template saying, "Pooja is so Hindu" because you know Twitter, jokes are a coping mechanism!

After all this, Airtel finally responded to the fiasco, saying that they don't discriminate on the basis of religion. In an official statement, the team responded by saying, "At Airtel, we do not differentiate between customers or our employees/partners on the basis of caste or religion. If a customer contacts us again for an ongoing service issue then the first available service executive responds in the interest of time. We request everyone not to misinterpret and give it unnecessary religious colour. The said customer has been responded to."

Religious or racial intolerance is something that should be completely unacceptable. It's 2018 and it's high time we stop get rid of the 'them vs. us attitude'! It's easy to say let's live in harmony and peace, but maybe saying those words take us a step closer to that future.