#HackOfTheDay: Use Your Brow Kit For An Entire Eye Makeup Look!

#HackOfTheDay: Use Your Brow Kit For An Entire Eye Makeup Look!

Brows have been the talk of the town for a while now. Everyone wants their brow game on fleek and every brand is trying to make sure they give you an easy way to do your brows. But then there are others with a full-fledged brow KIT. I decided to invest in one such kit. Now our relationship has been going on long enough for you to know that I am absolutely lazy when it comes to doing makeup, especially when it comes to using a lot of products. After I bought this palette and kit, I was just staring at it trying to figure out why I bought it when it struck me! You could absolutely do an easy everyday eye makeup look just with these many products! Some of the products could also be used on the rest of your face!

So, here's how you can create an everyday eye makeup look using an eyebrow kit!

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1. Brow Enhancer

The brow enhancer is the first step when you do your brows. It can double up as a primer for your eyelid. Just make sure you blend it out. 

2. Brow Highlighter

The highlighter is anyway supposed to go on your brow bone so I just use it as a base colour on my entire lid. 

3. Brow Powder

The brow powders act as eyeshadows. Usually, I leave the black one alone and just use the light brown one for a slight colour on the lid. I prefer a natural look but if you like you could use the black to define your crease.

4. Brow Pomade

Now you can use the darker eyeshadow as an eyeliner, which is what I usually do with an eyeshadow palette. But, eyebrow kits also have pomades or tints that are gel based. I love using those as an eyeliner, it gives me more control on the pigment and I can make it as clean or smudged out as I like. I use the brown pomade. 

5. Tint + Spoolie

Finally, the tint and pomade also have another use. My kit has a spoolie brush but you could use a spare spoolie, dip it in the pomade and use it as mascara as well! The brown pomade gives a natural look to your lashes and the black will look just as mascara would. 

P.S. You could use the brown eyebrow powder and highlighter to contour your nose as well! 

This kit has literally opened my eyes. Get it? 

Here are two eyebrow kits available here that could function the way mine does. 

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Brows, Rs 3,000

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette Fair Medium, Rs 1,750 

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