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It Was A Tough Period: Urvashi Dholakia On Why She Didn't Share Her COVID-19 Report Sooner

It Was A Tough Period: Urvashi Dholakia On Why She Didn't Share Her COVID-19 Report Sooner

India is currently the second worst-hit COVID-19 affected country in the world, and no one is safe from the virus. Coronavirus doesn't check your financial status or societal standing--if you are exposed to it, you will test positive. 

The film and television industry in India has been affected by it too. Several actors and crew members are testing positive every day, and recently, it was Urvashi Dholakia who revealed that she just recovered from COVID-19. However, the Kasautii Zindagii Kay actor didn't reveal her diagnosis until after she recovered.

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Taking to her Instagram account, Urvashi explained why she kept her illness under wraps. "Not only have I been out of action for the last 25 days, but they have also been quite a roller coaster ride for me on the health front! I chose to keep quiet about the matter for the simple reason because this was a fight I had to fight with immense strength needed, and till the time I did not come out victorious I did not want to speak about it," she wrote.

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She also added that it was not easy to combat the virus, and struggled to cope with it. "Though I have recovered now and want to let everyone know that I am now COVID FREE. It was a tough period but I managed to sail through the obstacle, and I am now thriving with positive energy once again! It was another challenging battle fought and overcome thanks to the grace of God," she wrote.

Talking about her symptoms, she revealed that she started getting fluctuating blood pressure and headaches, and decided to get tested then itself. “I rarely stepped out of my house and yet I got it. Coronavirus is like flu and it’s best to get tested at the beginning then when it gets worse. I had a cold, on and off, for a while too. Everyone shows different symptoms and most of them don’t disappear quickly. I got worried when I lost the sense of smell and taste and couldn’t eat properly,” she said.

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Fortunately, she did not need to seek treatment in a hospital, and was in home isolation during the period of her recovery. But what really affected her was that her mother tested positive too. "It was scary for me as I was worried about my mum who had flu and had body ache. She is 84, so it was tough but I am glad that it’s over," she added.

Her advice for anyone who contracts the virus? “In the initial days, when it is all new and you are unwell, you start thinking about how some people recover faster and others don’t. We have heard of cases when things turned out really bad for some. I would say, if you test positive, keep a positive attitude, take medicines and ample rest,” she said.

That's certainly great advice, and we're glad that Urvashi is now doing better. But remember, your best bet when it comes to surviving the virus is to avoid contracting it in the first place.

So stay home and stay safe!

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