#ItHappensOnlyInIndia: Union Minister Santosh Gangwar Doesn't Think One or Two Rapes Are 'Big Deals'

#ItHappensOnlyInIndia: Union Minister Santosh Gangwar Doesn't Think One or Two Rapes Are 'Big Deals'

What if someone told you that you are making a big deal out of a rape case? You'll be enraged. Now imagine hearing this from a reputed politician amidst multiple rape cases that are creating waves all over the country. How do you feel now?

The outrage over Kathua rape and murder hasn't yet died down and hopefully never will. Also, since the case was reported multiple similar rape, torture and murder cases have made headlines. Women just aren't safe in the country anymore. And even after a very public display of anger, the citizens of the country can see no silver lining in these cases. The rapists are unstoppable - they aren't afraid of the judgement and clearly, the patriarchal thinking and mentality of politicians (and a huge segment of the public) are to be blamed for it.   

Amidst multiple rapes and murders of children and women, Union Minister Santosh Gangwar is suggesting to not make a "big deal" out of such cases.

"Unfortunately, these things happen and sometimes you cannot stop them. The government is active and investigation is on. One should not make a big deal out of it if one or two such cases are reported in the country," news agency ANI quoted Gangwar as saying in Bareilly.

Gangwar is a BJP MP from Bareilly. He holds the portfolio of Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Labour and Employment. 

Correction: Firstly, not one or two, multiple cases have been reported in past two months. Secondly, as the Union Minister of a country with world's second largest population, one must know that each life is important and a loss of even one is painful for the whole country. Period.  

His controversial remarks came hours before President Ram Nath Kovind signed an ordinance promulgated by the Union Cabinet. The law states that death penalty will be provided to those convicted of raping a girl under 12 years of age.

As per the latest ordinance, the punishment for rape of a girl under 12 years has been provided with the minimum jail term being 20 years which may go up to life in prison or death sentence. Gangrape of a girl under 12 years of age will invite punishment of jail term for the rest of life or death. The minimum punishment in case of rape of women has been increased from the rigorous imprisonment of seven years to 10 years, extendable to life imprisonment. In case of rape of a girl under 16 years, the minimum punishment has been increased from 10 years to 20 years, extendable to life imprisonment. The punishment for gang rape of a girl below 16 years will invariably be imprisonment for the rest of life of the convict.

In his first comments since the Kathua and Unnao rapes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said at an event to inaugurate the BR Ambedkar memorial in New Delhi that no criminal will be spared and daughters will get justice. "Such incidents shake our sensibilities. I want to assure the nation that no criminal will be spared. Justice will be done. Our daughters will get justice." 

Much of the anger is already being directed at politicians for irresponsible comments and attempts to politicise the crimes. 

Featured Image: CNN

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