Fair & Expert Child-Raiser: Unemployed Man's Matrimonial Ad Reeks Of Male Entitlement

Fair & Expert Child-Raiser: Unemployed Man's Matrimonial Ad Reeks Of Male Entitlement

'India is patriarchal society'. We have grown up with this typical belief and we have experienced it time and again. From a man being the head of the family to a brother promising to protect you on Raksha Bandhan, men have always been given a more authoritative position to command and demand. Talking of the position of men in our society, how can we forget the crazy matrimonial ads published every day and are filled with entertain, entertain..you guess it..entertainment.

And, of course, all peppered with a generous sprinkling of discrimination. These ads are the biggest proof of how majority of Indians are still immersed in the anachronistic world that India was back in the 1950s. Adding to the list where marriage is all about kundalis, rashees and skin colour is the recent ad posted by Dr Abhinao Kumar from Bihar. Yes, he is a doctor. However, (as per the ad) the doctor is currently unemployed. The ad comprises an extensive list of traits that he is looking for in his prospective wife.

'Very Fair & Rich Bride'

"Want any very fair, beautiful, very loyal, very trustworthy, loving, caring, brave, powerful, rich bride," the ad reads.


The man doesn't stop here. He wants more 'positive' traits in her wife. The women should be "an extremist but compassionate, an expert in child raising and an excellent cook, Indian Hindu Brahmin girl from Jharkhand or Bihar. SAMPURNA KUNDLI MILAN Aand 36 GUNAS MATCHING MUST."

Don't believe us? Check it out:



Not just one, but multiple things are wrong with this advertisement. Dear Dr Kumar, your preferences are extremely flawed and your priorities in life need an immediate check. Just like us, netizens, too have a lot to say about this picture that is now viral. While many are questioning his peculiar demands, others just could not stop laughing over them.

Twitter Irked

Well, Dr Kumar, your demands are wrong on so many levels. And if you want to find a partner who is fair, loving, caring, expert in child-raising by placing a matrimonial ad, good for you. What I am judging here is the fact that you have all the education (cause you claim to be a doctor) but when it was about marriage, you chose to believe in what our forefathers taught us. You are clearly a newspaper-reading, English-speaking urban Indian and you would still choose your partner the basis of caste and skin colour!? Just a reminder, doc: We're living in 2020.

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