What's Even Better Than Sex?! 6 People Reveal...

What's Even Better Than Sex?! 6 People Reveal...
Ever kissed someone in rain? Held someone’s hand while walking on a never ending road? Hugged someone tightly after such a long time that you just didn’t want to let go? These are some of the breathtaking moments in life that we wish would continue forever. So what are the most underrated pleasures that are even better than sex? Some people answered on Quora and here’s what they have to say…

1. “When you don’t have to say goodbye, just good night.” Aww! That would be just amazing!

Aishwarya Chauhan says… “Love is in those simple things. Some of the most underrated pleasures are those moments which, when absent, are missed. Talking for hours while sitting together and talking about general things, from “What’s up?” to “When will we go shopping?” Anything! Remember, everyone is not lucky enough to have a person to talk to. Good morning and good night texts. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Going shopping together and holding hands. When you don’t have to say goodbye, just good night. Meeting regularly, and for those who don’t live together, meeting their loved one must be a pleasure that’s underrated. Travelling together, watching movies and listening to songs - these things are so underrated!
Appreciate what you have, until time makes you realize what you had!” 1 things even better than sex

2. “The swapping of roles - he cooks and she manages the finances!” Urm… That’s something we definitely want to try...

Chandraprakash Jangid says… “No matter how happy we are in our relationships, monotony tends to creep in with time. We miss out on some great pleasures, because most of us hardly try out “the swapping of roles.”
  1. That magical hug she gives him when he brings her tea in bed one morning.
  2. Those surprised expressions when she steps in, only to realize that he cleaned up the house neatly.
  3. That smile on her face when he tells her that he already prepared the dinner.
  4. That look on his face when she tells him that she has thought out the finances for the month.
  5. That moment of surprise when she gives him first the news of his favourite cricketer.
  6. That smile on his face when she tells him that she has planned the next vacation and has taken care of the itinerary.
  7. When he can’t stop laughing at her jokes.
Fights. Some fights that bring the couple closer than they were before. Fights where you ended up feeling that fighting is not that bad after all. 2 things even better than sex

3. “Just having a meal together, without any distractions!” Yeah! What else do we need? Food and bae… *heart*

Gauri Noolkar says… “A meal. No, not those glitzy, classy restaurants where we go all dressed up and spend a fortune over dishes. Not those candle-lit dinners where we eat less and whisper sweet nothings more. I mean regular, everyday meals. Serving each other, eating regular dal, rice, roti, or an occasional pasta, salad or soup. Sitting on the floor, shooing away the cat from the food, cringing when either of us asks the other to get up and bring some salt, sugar or pickle from the kitchen. Discussing everyday work, even though we have careers that are poles apart. Bitching about people we really find annoying, gushing over those we like, analyzing those we feel nothing about. Exchanging ideas, telling stories, recommending books, songs and movies. Pondering over the future. Drafting and redrafting our schedules and budgets. Fretting over expenses and fighting like cats and dogs over each others' intolerable habits. Seeking solutions. All in a span of 40 minutes, at least once a day, everyday. No TV, no internet, no phones, just us and the food.
We don’t think about any of this much. It's not a big deal. But looking at it right now, I think that's what keeps our relationship fantastic, and that's what will help us happy in the years to come.” 3 things even better than sex

4. “Walking hand in hand, thumb fights…” Such small things make us SO happy!

Chandrima Bhattacharya says…
  1. A walk through the campus at night, hand in hand and watching the fireflies glow in the dark.
  2. Looking at him when he is doing something he loves.
  3. Leaning my head on his shoulder.
  4. Gazing at the stars together.
  5. Discussing something very silly and laughing over it.
  6. Thumb fights.
  7. Sharing the same plate while eating.
  8. Listening to him sing. Even though he’s not a great singer.
  9. Watching the sunset with him and listening to the birds chirping.
4 things even better than sex

5. “Her fingers running through my hair…” Every girl loves doing that, isn’t it?!

Achi Naidu says… “I would like to share these intense moments with the love of my life… A hug after a really long time, because it can convey more than 1,00,00,000 words. Getting cozy in her lap with her fingers running through my hair. Forehead kisses, long drives and surprise trips. Running your hands over their body or vice versa, with no motive other than to enjoy how their skin feels.”
5 things even better than sex

6. “Holding hands while driving whenever the traffic is relaxed!” That’s so romantic, and SO underrated!

Awdesh Sharma says… “Having morning coffee and breakfast together on weekends, cooking together and eating together while watching TV. Sitting at the lakeside that's near our house and talking about random stuff. Going to different restaurants to try new cuisines. Holding hands while driving whenever the traffic is relaxed. Giving each other random names. Talking about our day at work after coming home. Giving surprise gifts on different occasions and festivals. I’m sure that there are many more underrated pleasures that I never realize, but miss them whenever she isn't around.” 6 things even better than sex You can read the full thread here on Quora. Yes! These things are actually underrated! GIFs: Tumblr