After Prince Charles, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus

After Prince Charles, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Just two days after Prince Charles was diagnosed with Covid-19, the UK Prime Minister has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Johnson shared the news by posting a video on Twitter earlier today. “I have developed mild symptoms of coronavirus, that’s to say, a mild temperature and a persistent cough, and on the advice of a chief medical officer, I have taken a test that has come out to be positive. So, I am working from home, I’m in self-isolating and that’s entirely the right thing to do,” he said in the video. 

In the video, Johnson also urged everyone else to stay at home so as to avoid the spread of the virus. He further shared that he is in good hands right now and in constant touch with the 'top team' that has been handling the outbreak in the UK. 

He added, “The way we are going to get through this is by applying the measures that you have all heard about. And the more effectively all comply with those measures, the faster our country can come through this epidemic and the faster we will bounce back." 

Here's the video that he tweeted:

It was further shared by Johnson's office that the Prime minister was tested for the novel coronavirus after he showed mild symptoms of the disease. They also shared that as Prime Miniter self-isolates, he'll continue to head the country's fight against coronavirus and will remain the official spokesperson when it comes to pandemic updates. However, in case, his health deteriorates, foreign Secretary Dominic Raab would be replacing Johnson for the official duties. 

According to media reports, Johnson also came in close contact with some senior ministers and officials earlier this week. He also made an appearance at various press conferences with his medical and scientific advisers.

Since the second week of March, Britain has been observing a linear curve when it comes to the rising of coronavirus cases across the country. Now, the alarm has only intensified with the PM testing positive. With more than 11k COVID-19 positive cases right now, the country needs to go extra strict in its preventive measures and it would be crucial to put the infection curve in check.  

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