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Why Have Election Polling Officers Reena & Yogeshwari's Pictures Gone Viral?

Why Have Election Polling Officers Reena & Yogeshwari's Pictures Gone Viral?

After Priya Prakash Varrier and the RCB Girl Deepika Ghose, make way for two more ladies on the list of 'overnight sensations'. Two Lok Sabha election polling officers have gone viral! One of them is Deoria-based Reena Dwivedi, who was on duty in Lucknow and the other one is Yogeshwari Gohite, who was on duty in Bhopal. 

These poll officials are breaking the internet- Dwivedi

They were photographed carried EVMs and their pictures caused a stir online. Ever since then, they have been getting plenty of follow requests on social media and they have also been approached for interviews. Not just that, they have been stopped on the streets by strangers who have requested to click selfies with them.

Talking about the sudden fame and attention, Diwedi told a leading daily, "I was married early but I had a career for myself. People are liking me and I am enjoying every moment of it. Who doesn't like getting noticed? I am happy." She recalled that the best reaction came from her son Aadit, a ninth class student, "He urged me to make a video call to his friends to make them believe that the woman in the yellow saree is actually his mother."

She also revealed that this wasn't the first time she was snapped on election duty, "This is not the first time that I was posted on election duty. I have served at different centers in Lucknow in Lok Sabha 2017 state elections. But a routine snapshot turned me into a celebrity."

Yobeshwari Gohite, who was snapped in Bhopal, had a different way of looking at this. Speaking to a leading daily, she said, "I dress the way I like. I do not have any fashion role model. A dress should not define a woman. It is our professionalism and work ethics that should matter."

These poll officials are breaking the internet- Bhopal

She took a day’s leave from work on Monday, but media crews traced her address. "Everyone wants to take a selfie with me. I am getting friend requests by the minute. Soon, I think I would have to make my social media profile hidden and not open to the public."

It's understandable that with the internet's immense reach, it is easy for a fascinating topic to reach millions within a day. But where does it stop? 

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