Twitterati Share Stories Of Finding Love In Their 30s & It's Melting Our Cynical Hearts

Twitterati Share Stories Of Finding Love In Their 30s & It's Melting Our Cynical Hearts

Thanks to our affinity towards watching Bollywood movies, a lot of us grow up with unrealistic expectations about the idea of love. We think we'll fall in love in college, land our dream job as soon as we graduate, get married by 25, and start a family by the time we're 30. This is the fairy tale that has been fed to most of us. But as we grew older, we realised that life isn't a fairy tale, and most of the time, things don't happen in a particular order. And that's absolutely fine!

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We need to understand that we're all on our own unique individual paths, and shouldn't compare our personal milestones to another's. For example, just because you chased your career instead of getting married in your 20s doesn't mean you've missed your chance! Falling in love and getting married in your 30s is not only perfectly fine, but it is also more common than you think! Recently, a user on Twitter overcoming a devastating heartbreak asked people to share their stories of falling in love and finding their 'one' in their 30s. 

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As Expected, Twitter Came Through

Soon, Kelsey Huse, the Twitter user in question, was flooded with responses, each more beautiful than the next! Scroll to read our favourite ones.

They got their happily ever after!

TBH, 30s are the new 20s!

Something better is always in store

Love will find you

Put yourself out there

Who knew dating in your 30s would actually be...better?!

A very IMPORTANT thought!

There's no age limit to finding love!

Sometimes life CAN be like a Netflix Christmas movie

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Well, those tweets certainly warmed our hearts. So if you're still stressing about finding 'the one', take a cue from the Twitterverse, and live your life exactly the way you want to. Love will always find a way :)

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