This Twitter Thread Makes Fun Of Teen Movie Stock Characters & We Can't Stop Laughing

This Twitter Thread Makes Fun Of Teen Movie Stock Characters & We Can't Stop Laughing

When I was growing up, I was a sucker for teen movies--the drama, the romance, the coming-of-age stories that almost always ended in happily-ever-afters. But I also always assumed that I'd stop watching them once I was an actual adult with a job and responsibilities. I mean, why would adults watch movies about teenagers, right?

Fast-forward to me at 29, still very much into teen movies. Guess younger me thought I would grow up to be much cooler than I turned out to be *wink*. But as much as I love teen movies, let's admit that most of them are full of stock characters that fit into the 'formula' of the movie. There's always the popular girl, the high school stud, the 'different' girl (who the stud ends up falling in love with) and the girl's token 'not-as-pretty' best friend.

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Recently, American comedian Eva Victor took to Twitter to post a video of herself as the typical 'different girl' in teen movies, having a laugh over teen movie stock characters. She nailed it, didn't she?

Well, people found her 'different girl' impersonation so on-point, that her tweet went viral. Soon, other comedians joined it, posting videos of their favourite teen movie stock characters. Like this popular high school jock who suddenly notices the 'different girl'.

And then there's the popular jock's equally popular rich, 'mean girl' girlfriend.

Then of course, there's the different girl's awkward and ordinary best friend. Because you know, 'different girl' won't stand out if her best friend is pretty too, you know? Different girls MUST surround themselves with girls who are far less pretty than them. That's the rule.

And of course, there's always this 'wise colleague' of the different girl who will randomly give out words of wisdom...

And how can we forget the token 'gay best friend' to make the movie seem more 'woke'?

While I might love typical teen movies, can we all agree that these parody videos are even better? Now all we need is some Hollywood director noticing this thread and turning this into an actual teen satire.

Because we all know that we would binge-watch the hell out of it.

Feature Image: Twitter