Women Tweet What They'd Do If Men Had A Curfew & The Reality Of Our Situation Hits Hard

Women Tweet What They'd Do If Men Had A Curfew & The Reality Of Our Situation Hits Hard

I'm walking back home from the bus stop, the sun has set and the streets are getting deserted. I clutch my bag close to my bosom and keep my pepper spray in my hand. My parents have already called me up five times asking where I am, why I'm late from work and what time will I be back.

By now, my brisk walk has turned into me almost running home because I can see the men crossing by purposely brushing past me or the ones on the road, slowing down their vehicles to stare a little while longer. As I almost reach home, I'm stopped by a man on a motorcycle who says, "Paanch sau meh chalegi mere saath?"

That's it, I sprint back home, shut the gate and heave a sigh of relief. I open my phone to check the time - it's 9.08PM.

This isn't just my story; this is a reality in this country. 

But after reading this viral Twitter thread, it became clear that it's not just a problem for us. Danielle Muscato's tweets have resonated with women all over the world and it's a truth we can't hide from.

Most of the replies to the tweet were as you would expect: Women having the radical idea that they could roam around without constant internalised fear and anxiety. It just goes to show how rampant assault is, no matter where in the world you are.

Is this how men feel? One user replied on the thread and Danielle, who is a trans woman, agreed.

The little things that matter.

They are the real incidents.

It made me tear up too.

Men finally realised their privilege.

Everything starts with a conversation, to stand up and say this isn't okay. The reality is that gender-based discrimination does exist and if we don't accept it, we'll never be able to move forward. We need to acknowledge that fact that women don't have the same sense of security and freedom as men and we truly wish we lived in a more balanced world.

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