Twitter Reacts To Kunal Kamra's Video Asking Arnab If He Is 'A Journalist Or A Coward’

Twitter Reacts To Kunal Kamra's Video Asking Arnab If He Is 'A Journalist Or A Coward’

India is not only a land of diverse cultures and festivals but also of controversies. From politicians to actors and even comedians--everyone gets caught up in rows every now and then. The latest fracas that is doing the rounds all over the Internet is the one between comedian Kunal Kamra and journalist Arnab Goswami.

Kunal posted a video of himself confronting Arnab in an Indigo flight. In the 1:51 minute-long clip, we can see the comedian posing multiple questions to the journalist. Kunal also claimed that Arnab had called him mentally unstable when he first approached the journalist and that he did not deserve his politeness. Arnab, on the other hand, seems to be glued to his deivce with earphones on. Kunal is repeatedly heard asking Arnab whether he is a 'coward, a journalist or a nationalist'. At one point, Kunal says that he knows what he is doing is not allowed and he doesn't mind even going to jail for it. 

The comedian captioned the video, "I did this for my hero...I did it for Rohit," referring to Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula, who committed suicide in 2016. Kunal further wrote, "I did exactly what Republic TV journalists do to people in their private/public spaces and I don’t regret it. I’m not sorry for it. I don’t think I did anything wrong/criminal. Don’t let this be about my bravado. I do apologise to every passenger except one." 

Watch the video here:

Well, thus incident has certainly taken the Internet by storm. Everyone on Twitter and other social media platforms have different opinions on the incident but they do have one for sure. While some are calling Kunal Kamra's act 'courageous' others are feeling have opinions on the 'harassment' that Arnab Goswami faced. But above all, there are many hilarious and meme-worthy reactions.

Let's take a look at some. 

Meanwhile, after being on Indigo's no-fly list, Kunal has now also been suspended for flying on Air India and SpiceJet too.

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