Mumbai Rains Stop The City But Twitter Is Keeping Us Updated About The Real Issues

Mumbai Rains Stop The City But Twitter Is Keeping Us Updated About The Real Issues

It’s been five days since Mumbai began facing one of the heaviest monsoons the city has seen in the last decade. Major areas of the city have submerged, and the death toll in the city has risen to 27 due to walls collapsing in different parts of Mumbai. Prominent areas of Mumbai, such as Andheri, Palghar and Thane are facing the wrath of the rains. While the rains are causing massive, air, rail, road transport disruptions, people are making the situation known through social media.


The Power Of Social Media

Apart from offering constant help to people in need and offering shelter online, the netizens of Mumbai have taken to Twitter and are sharing videos of the flood situation in the city as a tale of caution.

Some Are Complaining To The Authorities

Warning People About The Condition Of Public Transport

Staying At Home Seems Like The Safest Option & The Most Profitable One

Water Is Spilling Over In Parts Of Mumbai

Electricity Has Been Cut Off Due To Water Logging & Electrocution

But Nothing Can Waver The Spirit Of Mumbai


The city’s priority is to stay safe through this difficult time. They are being advised to conserve electricity and gas and avoid driving/swimming through the flooded water. Mumbaikars should also boil water before consumption and wear mosquito repellent creams in order to avoid diseases like Malaria. It is also advisable to avoid eating outside food as it may be contaminated by the flood or rainwater.

The Mumbai Police and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) have shared helpline numbers for different wards of the city to help Mumbaikars.


The important message: Stay safe, stay indoors. 

Featured Image: Hindustan Times

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