Kumkum Actress Juhi Parmar Had A Near-Death Experience & It Has Changed Her

Kumkum Actress Juhi Parmar Had A Near-Death Experience & It Has Changed Her

Indian TV actor Juhi Parmar became a household name after she played the titular role of Kumkum in the daily soap Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan. Later, she participated in Bigg Boss Season 5 and won the show due to her popularity. The actress was last seen in the TV show Tantra, but she interacts with her fans on social media and keeps them updated about her life. 

Recently, she shared a near-death experience on Instagram. She was at a Holi party at her best friend Aashka Goradia's house when she suddenly started throwing up and her nasal passage choked. She wasn't able to breathe and thought that she wouldn't survive. She even asked her BFF Aashka to take care of her daughter Samairra.

Juhi holi

Juhi wrote in her Instagram post, "I was at my best friend, Aashka Goradia's house, from where I was rushed to the hospital around 10:30-11 pm at night. I couldn't breathe but surprisingly all my parameters medically were fine -- the oxygen, the carbon dioxide, the ECG, the blood pressure etc, were all in place. However, I could feel myself choking and I felt that I wouldn't be able to survive for another five minutes. I whispered to Aashka to take care of my daughter Samairra because I felt I wouldn't survive."

She went on to talk about an out-of-body experience that she had. Her friends and family rallied around her at the hospital and made sure she was okay. In the post, she counted her blessings and said that she is transformed into a more grateful and positive person. "I'm living in the same body but my soul inside has changed."




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Dear Life, I Am Here To Live!!!!

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Juhi is a single mother after she got divorced from husband Sachin Shroff in 2018. The couple was married for nine years and have a six-year-old daughter. They had a troubled marriage and the couple decided to call it quits. She slammed ex-husband Sachin after he called their marriage a "loveless marriage" in an interview with a daily last year. The actress took to her Instagram handle to share how appalled she was with his choice of words. Here's what she posted.

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