The Love Story Of Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla Started With A Facebook Comment!

The Love Story Of Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla Started With A Facebook Comment!

We all know that opposites attract but what about people who have a lot in common? Well, we don't know about everyone, but in this glam couple's case, it was definetly the case.

Yup, we are talking about the one only stunning TV duo: Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik. These two are easily one of the most stunning couples on the small screen but it's their love story and blind adoration towards each other that makes them our fave!

Now that they have tied the knot, let us take you through the romance that is Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik.

A common friend of Abhinav and Rubina called them both over to her house for Ganpati. It was there that something stirred inside of him when he saw this stunning beauty. In an interview talking about their meet-cute, he said, "Let me be honest — I checked her out as she looked resplendent in a sari. You generally see girls in western clothes and then you get to see that someone can look so stunning in a saree as well. So I saw her and I was like, wow she’s beautiful."

After that, it was Rubina's turn to notice him. He commented on one of her photographs and that's where things moved forward. Recounting the incident, Rubina said, "It all started with a photoshoot. He commented on one of my pictures, 'Will you give me the privelege to shoot you?' And I was wondering who is this guy?" (Um. Your future hubby that's who!)

As things progressed she realised just how special he is. He's every girl's fantasy in ways and she didn't want to lose him so she made the first move. YASS GURL! She was quoted saying, “Jaisa aap sochte hain, jaisa aap imagine karte hain, ye bilkul waise hi hain. So I did not want to lose him. Heere ki parakh sirf johri ko hoti hai. So mujhe ye heera nahi khona tha, so I thought let me just catch hold of him. And yes, pehel maine ki thi.” AWWW!

The two have a lot of common interests that lets them do things they love together. They both have an endless love for travelling and exploring new destinations. Couples who travel can discover the beauty of the world hand in hand. They both are coffee conisuers as well. Abhinav even gifted Rubina a coffee maker for her shoots. How thoughful was that!?

Another thing they both have in common- he loves to shoot and she loves to be shot! And that's how they complete each other.

Abhinav and Rubina started dating in 2015 and they haven't shied away from some social media PDA. Abhinav is always pampering his girl and doing the cutest things for her. On one of her birthdays, he decorated her entire room with balloons and notes. BF of the year!?


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A besotted Rubina in one of her interviews said, "I call him a Pandora box – he is full of surprises. He is so creative that each time, he’ll surprise you with magnificent creations that your interest in human beings just grows. And whenever I see him do something new, I get all the more attracted towards him. I feel blessed that I’m leading my life with a person who knows how to live each and every day preciously."

Both of them are always full of praises for each other. Once he clicked a sizzling photo of her in a bikini and she posted it saying, "You are the wind beneath my wings!"

Talking about the dynamics of their relationship, Rubina said, "Abhinav has helped me open my wings. He motivates and inspires me. A relationship is not looking into each other’s eyes and spending days. It’s looking forward and setting up a goal as a couple and that’s what we are doing."

The couple has been together for four years now and took the decision of taking things to the next level. Abhinav once said, "Well, I am a traveller at heart. I always believe that the most important part of a journey is the journey itself. And I like this particular journey with her." How sweet is that!? Our hearts...

They announced their union on Insta with an aww-dorable post and said that June was when they would take the saat pheras together and officially be man and wife!

In a heartwarming post, Rubina celebrated their love and journey together, saying, "Thank you for these FANTASTIC 4 years in our Journey of Eternity! Thank you first for being a free-spirited, for it taught me patience and persistence! Thank you for being Spontaneous, for it brought adventures in my life! Thank you for reeling back for it gave our relationship an impetus! Thank you for being an Enthusiast for it motivated me to step out of my comfort zone! Thank you for showing life’s enormousness and magnificence for I see life as a blessing .......... I owe a Debt of Gratitude for the Values you have added!"

They got married yesterday and boy was it a gorgeous wedding ceremony. The bride looked drop-dead-gorgeous and the dapper groom outshone the rest. 

We are wishing them all the love and luck in the years to come. Love does finally conquer all, doesn't it!?

Feature Image: Knotting Bells