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#VideoOfTheDay: This Tutorial On Glassy Skin Will Help You Get Your Glow On!

#VideoOfTheDay: This Tutorial On Glassy Skin Will Help You Get Your Glow On!

I don't know about you but the K-Beauty bug has definitely bitten me. That glossy, poreless skin and those just bitten lips are what my makeup dreams are made of! Korean beauty products have become more accessible to us now than they ever were. While flawless skin may be a distant reality, there's makeup that can come to your rescue. 

For today's video of the day, I stumbled upon this tutorial by Huda Beauty. She's recreating that glassy skin using makeup. Warning, major glow ahead - put on your shades!

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While I love glowing skin and I most certainly LOVE Huda, I don't necessarily put on as much makeup as she would. If you're minimalistic like I am then a little bit on concealer, contour and highlighter is all you need!

If you want to invest in some potentially life-changing skincare products, check out this post.

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